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‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Whips Robyn around this Week at Bar [Video]

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and Robyn Brown seemed to be the center of attention out at a local bar this week. They were the only two dancing as others watched a football game on the big screen.

But one astute fan recognized them. Then they caught Robyn Brown and her not-so-shared hubby today on video.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Shows Robyn Brown Some Fancy Footwork?

Kody Brown seems to enjoy his life as a monogamous husband these days. This week as his other wives did things with their kids, he took Robyn out to a bar. The time-stamped video that captured the Sister Wives couple is from May 24.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

The rest of the patrons at the establishment seemed involved in watching a football game. But not Kody. No, he promenaded Robyn around the dance floor.

Robyn didn’t get the kind of romantic dancing she experienced on her honeymoon. After a decade of marriage, Kody took to swinging his last bride around the floor.

Robyn Gets Away from Kody… But She Comes Back

At one point during this dance, he twirled Robyn around and then extended his arm, whipping her away. But she lost the grip on Kody’s hand, and she kept going.

It looked as if Robyn Brown lost her footing for a moment as well. But this Sister Wives’ bride quickly regained her composure and went on for more.

Once Robyn caught her balance, she then grabbed Kody Brown’s hand once again. Just as they looked like they were going to try that again, the music stopped.

The person taking this video was far away from the Sister Wives dancing duo. So, you couldn’t catch what they said.

But considering body language, it looked as if Robyn had to tell Kody Brown the music stopped. Then the two walked across the floor to a nearby screen that seemed to have a football game on.

Fans critiqued the dancing, with one commenting — “That was some aggressive dancing.” It wasn’t at all smooth. Instead, it was almost like they were doing battle on the dance floor.

But when they finished Kody’s face seemed to suggest that he was not happy. So, something seemed out of sorts. Who knows, maybe his favorite team was losing on that TV screen they stopped at.

Sister Wives Fans Remember When…

A few times during the Sister Wives seasons, Kody Brown would break out in dance. Fans got to watch him dance with Robyn at their wedding and then at other weddings that popped up on the TLC series.

Sometimes Kody would just break into dance for no reason while on the show. But his four ladies seemed in awe of their shared husband’s foot moves. They’d giggle and watch him shake.

Then recently a fan requested a Cameo video from Kody, but they wanted him dancing. So, he busted a move for the Sister Wives enthusiast. Screenshots from that video appear below.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

So as this Sister Wives pair shuffled around the dance floor, his other wives seemed busy as well. Over the past week, Christine Brown and Janelle Brown kept active.

They posted their activities online for the fans of the show. But they did things with their kids. Janelle shared photos of a hiking trip to a state park near Payson, Arizona.

She went there with all her Flagstaff-based kids. The drive was only two hours from Flagstaff and fans immediately started to ask why their Sister Wives father didn’t join them.

Kody Brown’s older kids had some problems with him spending all his time with Robyn recently. But fans suggested that he could have tried to remedy that. He could have started mending fences by spending that day with them in the big outdoors.

So far, it looks as if Kody Brown meant it when he said he is not advocating for polygamy anymore. It looks like he’s practicing the art of monogamy today after all these years.

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