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Sister Wives: Clues Christine’s New Husband David Woolley Is Just Like Kody Brown (Or He Could Be Worse)

  • Christine Brown’s new husband, David Woolley, shares many negative characteristics with her ex-husband, Kody Brown.
  • David has made derogatory comments about his former partner, similar to how Kody has demeaned his wives on the show.
  • David’s behavior, including creating drama, suggests that he enjoys the attention and fame associated with being on reality TV.

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has found David Woolley, but she hasn’t realized that he might be just as bad as her ex, Kody Brown. The 51-year-old was very happy about her plural marriage when she and Kody were first together. Christine had joined Kody’s family and believed that polygamy was the answer to ultimate happiness. Little did she know, Christine was making a big error of judgment. In 2010, Christine realized that Kody never really loved her. She realized she wasted decades with him and learned he only truly cared about his fourth wife, Robyn Brown.

Christine shares six kids with Kody and spent an extra ten years after his marriage with Robyn before realizing her worth. She learned she had no future with him and decided to focus on her happiness above everything else. In 2021, the Sister Wives star divorced Kody and moved on to rediscover love with David. In February 2023, Christine announced her relationship with David on social media, and within the next six months, they got engaged, bought a home, and tied the knot. Christine’s wedding special recently aired as a Sister Wives special.

David Woolley Had No Kind Words For His Ex-Wife

Christine loves David a lot, even calling him her soulmate. However, the Sister Wives cast member hasn’t yet realized that David is similar to her ex-husband, Kody, in many ways. One way David resembles Kody is how he talks about his former partners. Over the last ten years, viewers may have noticed the patriarch say the worst things about Christine, Meri Brown, and Janelle Brown. Apart from saying that he didn’t love them throughout their 30+ year relationships, he has criticized their looks and made negative remarks about them.

David is very much like Kody when talking about his former wife. While he hasn’t directly humiliated his late spouse, Margaret Lucille Sulin Woolley, he hasn’t tried to say anything nice about her. David was married to Margaret for over 20 years and shares eight kids with her. Her death was an emotional story as Margaret committed suicide due to depression. Over the last few months, David has been part of many interviews where he spoke about Margaret.

However, he hasn’t been the kindest towards Margaret. During a confessional on Sister Wives , he compared his late ex to Christine and shared she didn’t talk as much.

David Woolley’s Called Kody “Dumbass” To Create Tension

Over the last 15 years on the show, Kody has created a lot of drama with his antics. In 2010, he shopped for Robyn’s wedding dress to make Christine jealous. Sometime after, he talked about how he isn’t attracted to his other wives. In the recent season, Kody created tension by asking Meri to move into a barn. He treated her like an animal before divorcing her for good. In the One-on-One episodes, Kody made a bold claim saying he never loved his other wives.

David is similar to Kody when it comes to drama. He may not have much reality TV experience, but he has still tried to create tension. During David’s second date with Christine, he called Kody a “dumbass” and talked about his actions. He purposely poked the bear without thinking of the consequences. Christine’s new husband has also said many other things and passed his opinions on topics that don’t concern him. If David were truly genuine, he wouldn’t have tried to pick a fight with his wife’s ex like that. He would’ve steered clear of drama and focused on his marriage.

David Woolley Is Love Bombing Christine Brown

David is similar when it comes to manipulation tactics. He may not be a polygamist, but he’s certainly a love bomber. David lived a single life for years after his wife passed away. He wanted a woman who’d complete him and found Christine. David has been treating Christine overly nicely. David is seemingly manipulating her to think she’s his queen to ensure she never leaves him for someone else.

He dated, got a house, and married her within a year of the relationship. It seems like David is doing everything he can to keep Christine.

David Woolley Enjoys Being On TV A Little Too Much

Kody and David’s biggest similarity is their love for being in front of the cameras. Kody has been a reality TV star for nearly 15 years since Sister Wives first began. Kody loves speaking his mind and being the center of attention. From 2010 to 2024, Kody has shown a lot of interest in just being a reality TV star. He feels more special when interviewers ask him about personal matters and opinions.

While David hasn’t been on Sister Wives for years, he has proved he enjoys being the center of attention, just like Kody. He loves being on camera and has enjoyed his reality TV run since getting married to Christine. In the last few months, David has confidently appeared in countless Sister Wives interviews. He has also become very active on social media and posted cuddly photos with Christine to get likes and views. He would have no reason to show off his love for Christine if he truly loved her. All clues suggest David appears to be rejoicing in his Sister Wives fame.

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