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Stern Warning! Excited! Threat!Seal! Finn and Eric Drop Breaking News! It will shock you

Stern Warning! Excited! Threat!Seal! Finn and Eric Drop Breaking

News! It will shock you

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my Bold and the Beautiful gossip channel. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. Before we begin, please hit the subscribe button and give this video a thumbs up. Stephie calls Finn Thomas and hopes in an Osos obtain Eric’s favor. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday, December 7, show that as Eric Forester experienced a memorable moment with Bridget and Thorne Forester, there were worries about whether they would be able to hold it together. Eric’s tremors made it difficult for him to hold his glass, but Donna Logan tried to hide his deteriorating health. Stephanie Forester was discussed along with Eric’s promise to meet her again soon. Stephie Forester was also told by Eric how much she resembled her namesake. Eric then told Carter Walton and Katie Logan that they were family on Thursday’s show. She consoled Thomas Forester and offered that she had his back through it all. Over with Hope Logan, Eric claimed that he didn’t find it scandalous to see Hope and Thomas together as he walked up to them. Eric thought it was great and encouraged Thomas and Hope to accept their newfound happiness, assuming they had it with each other. Eric believed that Hope and Thomas should go for it since life was too short. Eric made an effort to acknowledge every partygoer, and he also said a few nice words to RJ Forester and Luna Nozama. She wanted to acquire a second opinion on Eric’s condition from someone she wanted to call back with Bridget. Bridget found it difficult to feign when her true desire was to use her medical expertise to assist Eric. Eric pretended to be just a little older than he used to be after he was forced to sit down. When Eric questioned Stephy’s sincerity, she pretended not to know what had happened following Stephy’s apology for John Finn Finnegan’s absence. Eric informed his granddaughter that she had married a fantastic man. Assuming there was an issue at the hospital, after a while, Donna asked Eric whether he was ready to end the evening. But he argued that the celebration was just getting started and expressed his desire to dance with her. Eric expressed his want to hold Donna in his arms for one more moment. Finn was working late in his office at the hospital when Lee Finnegan Amami Matsuda arrived. She asked Finn why he wasn’t at the Forester home for the gala Les believed that after everything that had happened in the last several months, Finn should give Stephy priorty over the repaining studies he needed to complete. But Lee worried if Finn was holding something from her because he hinted that this was more significant than she realized.

Stephy texted Finn then gave him a call to find out his whereabouts. Stephy was obviously disappointed about the delay, but Finn assured her he would be there as soon as he could. Finn was wrapping up some crucial business.

Following his dance with Donna, Eric faltered and attempted to attribute it to the champagne. With all of their gorgeous faces there, Eric informed everyone that this party was just what he needed and that it felt like a dream come true After expressing his gratitude to everyone for this amazing and unique evening, Eric kissed Donna and touched foreheads.

Every partygoer appeared to be fighting to hide their melancholy as the week comes to an end. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Eric will experience yet another serious health crisis. Stay tuned for updates on the terrible news that lies ahead. Make CDL your primary source for news updates and tantalizing spoilers from Bold and the Beautiful. Eric is exposed as a huge liar by Finn spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful indicate that Finn will investigate this further. Eric Forester’s health has been deteriorating due to an unexplained sickness for some weeks.

It also appears that no one is really sure what is killing him despite the fact that everyone is furious that he is refusing to receive the medical care he so desperately needs. Finn has made the decision to investigate further and determine the precise nature of the situation, partly due to this reason.

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