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Kody & Robyn Brown’s $880K Coyote Pass Fraud Exposed: The Shocking Reason They Can’t Build Homes


It was back in 2018 that Kody Brown and his family purchased Coyote Pass for $820,000. The family of TLC’s Sister Wives purchased four parcels of land with the intent of breaking it up into five lots — one for each one and one for him. Then, each member of the family would start construction of a home within their lot.

Janelle Brown, for example, even had plans to construct a greenhouse of sorts on the property.

Now, five years later with three of his four marriages down the drain… Fans wonder what will happen with Coyote Pass. Does Kody Brown plan to do anything with the property? Should the family just cut their losses and sell the property?

Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC Sourced from Instagram teaser
Kody Brown from Sister Wives, TLC
Sourced from Instagram teaser

Per an exclusive report from The Sun there has been a shocking new update regarding the construction on Coyote Pass. What was this shocking update? Keep reading for the details.

TLC’s Sister Wives: Coyote Pass SHOCKING Construction Update

Per The Sun’s exclusive report, Coyote Pass remains completely untouched five years later. Neither Kody Brown nor any other members of the TLC family have laid any of the groundwork necessary to build on the property. In fact, the closest anyone came to living on the property was when Janelle Brown embraced RV life for a period of time.

TLC Sister Wives Kody And Janelle Clash Over Coyote Pass
Image credit: TLC via US Weekly

New photos obtained and published by The Sun confirm construction has not started on Coyote Pass. In fact, the property is nothing more than fields of unkempt grass and the wooden fence that marks the property line.

Click here to see the new photos obtained and published by The Sun.

Who Owns The Property Now?

Presently, Kody, Robyn, Janelle, and Meri all still own certain percentages of Coyote Pass. Given the fact that Kody Brown is no longer married to Meri or Janelle, it is unlikely construction will ever begin on the property. In fact, some fans suspect the family will eventually sell the property and split whatever money is made off the sale.

Unfortunately, selling the property could get a bit messy as Robyn and Kody Brown own far more of the land than Meri and Janelle.

Coyote Pass/Sister Wives/YouTube
Coyote Pass Lots Breakdown – Sister Wives/YouTube

Furthermore, some fans question if Janelle Brown actually lost interest in wanting to build on the property as it was still something she discussed wanting fairly recently on the show.

Are you surprised that five years have passed and Kody Brown’s family has done absolutely nothing with the $820K purchase? Is it time for Kody Brown and his family to cut their losses and sell the property? Share your answers to these questions in the comments below.

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