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Seeking Sister Wife: Merrifields Are Courting New Wife After Roberta Split!

Danielle and Garrick Merrifield began showcasing their polygamous lifestyle on Seeking Sister Wife Season 3. While they had been a couple for a long time, they finally decided to welcome a new woman into their family. Earlier, they were reluctant for Roberta, a woman from Brazil, to join them. She went as far as getting engaged to Garrick but at last ditched them.

After this upsetting circumstance, Danielle and Garrick seem to be ready again to welcome yet another woman in their family. The new season of the show is going to document their new journey yet again. But things are going to be turbulent as ever as viewers will see Danielle have second thoughts about the life she has been living with her husband, Garrick!

Seeking Sister Wife: Garrick & Danielle Ready To Welcome A New Woman After Roberta Ditched Them!

Danielle and Garrick were married for over a decade. That’s when the latter expressed his wish to adopt a polygamous lifestyle, and the former went along with it. The idea came to him when he was reading the bible, where the concept of the same lifestyle is a part of it. So, viewers saw their journey of getting engaged to Roberta, but at last, she ghosted them.

Since this, the Seeking Sister Wife couple seems ready to turn over a new leaf. They revealed being back in the dating realm again in the new trailer of the show. They did so after Roberta allegedly scammed them. In it, Garrick tried to shun the people who adopted the polygamous lifestyle just to seek physical intimacy. Danielle looked shocked at his statement.

Then the trailer also revealed how the couple ended up finding another woman from Brazil, Nathalia. They were showcased courting her in the clips. But Danielle was having second thoughts about the whole thing. As usual, Garrick addressed the jealousy factor very early on, but that didn’t help the case of the Seeking Sister Wife couple.

Seeking Sister Wife: Danielle Accuses Garrick Of Being On Dating Apps! Lied To Her?

Danielle and Garrick are going to go through a new set of issues in the new Seeking Sister Wife Season 5. The trailer shared glimpses of Nathalia and the polygamist’s attempts to woo her. Many shots also showcased the uncomfortable look on Danielle’s face. Chances are that she is going to have second thoughts about the kind of life they are leading.

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In the trailer, there was also a clip of Danielle accusing her husband of still being on dating apps. She said so while Garrick was still courting Nathalia. The star wanted to know if the polygamist looked at other profiles. While he completely denied this, she yelled at him for lying to her. There have been many instances where viewers have felt bad for Danielle.

Seeking Sister Wife

Many don’t like Garrick as they have suspected him of treating his wife, Danielle, poorly while exploring the polygamist lifestyle. Do you think the couple will finally hit their breaking point in the show? Tell us in the comments below. The new season of Seeking Sister Wife will premiere on March 4, 2024.

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