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Young & Restless Preview: Nick Comes to a Decision About Sally — and Heather’s News Takes Daniel by Surprise

Nick Comes to a Decision About Sally — and Heather’s News Takes Daniel by Surprise

Heather surprises Daniel YR

In a Young & Restless preview for the week of October 9 – 13, several relationships could be headed for big changes.  Read what happens and watch the preview below.

Phyllis recently spent time catching up with Danny and talking about their son’s disappointment in her. Danny told her that her family hasn’t given up on her for good, they just want to see that she’s changed. Coming up, it’s Phyllis’ turn to grill Danny about a blast from his past. Phyllis asks Danny, “Wait. Does Christine still hold a special place in your heart even now?” Danny replies, “Of course she does.” Phyllis gives him a stare. Was Phyllis hoping for something more from Danny?

Lily has been worried about Heather’s extended stay in Genoa City, and last week tried to convince Daniel to accompany her to an event so her Aunt Mamie could see how happy they are, but Daniel had meetings he couldn’t get out of. Next week, Heather tells Daniel, “I’ve decided to wrap up my law practice in Europe and move back home.” Daniel asks, “You’re thinking of going back to Savannah?” Heather replies, “No. I’m moving here. Genoa City.” How will this affect Daniel and Lily’s relationship?

Sally finally confessed to Nick that she and Adam shared a kiss, well he kissed her, but it stirred up mixed feelings for her. That’s saying something given she dreamt of kissing Adam only to be caught by Nick! Things got even more complicated when Adam happened upon Nick and Sally right after Sally told Nick about the kiss. Nick once again turned to his therapist, and ex, Sharon for advice, while Sally told Adam he needed to stay away from her. Coming up, Nick tells Sally, “I absolutely hate it that Adam is manipulating you. It’s just Adam, he’s always going to be him and it’s clearly affecting you. I can’t go through this again.” Sally asks, “What are you saying?” Is Nick about to break up with Sally, or take a big step forward?

Mamie revealed she was the mysterious investor in Chancellor-Winters, buying up Victor’s shares, though she also appeared to have a mysterious partner. She also announced her plans to return to Genoa City to whip their family back into shape and become the powerhouse they once were again. Jill wanted to know what her intentions were towards the company, but Mamie simply claimed she wanted to be a part of the family and was following in John Abbott’s footsteps and wanted to help her family build a legacy. Jill wasn’t buying it, and even Lily and Devon had questions.  Next week, Tucker tells Devon he doesn’t want any more chaos in his life, just peace and quiet. Devon says, “Well, I hope that’s true.” Tucker replies, “Oh, you can count on it.” Devon has another question for him, “What’s your connection to Aunt Mamie?” Is Tucker her mysterious partner?

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