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Why ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Fans Think Dannielle Merrifield Entrapped Garrick

Dannielle Merrifield and Garrick - TLC YouTube

Seeking Sister Wife fans think that Dannielle Merrifield entrapped her husband, Garrick Merrield who wanted to marry Nathalia Lima. Few TLC fans understand her, but she’s not lacking intelligence, despite being torn about him looking for more wives.

SSW Dannielle Merrifield Seems Strange To TLC Fans

TLC fans seem genuinely puzzled by Garrick Merrifield’s first wife. Allegedly, God talked to him on a mountain and told him he would send a rose, AKA another wife to add blessings to the family. Of course, many wives would head for the nearest exit, but she stayed and apparently thinks he’s the best thing since Christmas even though he divorced her.

Garrick Merrifield TLC Seeking Sister Wife
Garrick Merrifield TLC SSW

Many Seeking Sister Wife fans can’t understand why Dannielle Merrifield doesn’t just go and get a new life without “Ick.” She has two teenage kids, and they probably don’t know what’s going on with all these women that their dad wants to marry. Some people hope that their mom sabotages his philandering ways.


TLC Star Garrick Merrifield Entrapped By Dannielle?

In Season 5 of the TLC show, rumors of a pregnancy were confirmed. When Garrick went to Brazil to marry Nathalia Lima, he was away for at least six weeks. While he was there, his wife back in the USA called and told him that she fell pregnant. The marriage didn’t happen, and some SSW fans think she entrapped him with the baby news.

Nathalia Lima TLC Seeking Sister Wife
Nathalia Lima TLC Seeking Sister Wife

On RedditSeeking Sister Wife fans thought that Dannielle Merrifield might have gotten pregnant to chase off Nathalia Lima. The OP wrote:

Theory: Having given up her chance for alimony, Dani got pregnant so she’d at least have child support if Ick leaves her. Maybe realizing he was about to legally marry Nat and possibly leave her, Dani quickly got pregnant so that at the very least she could have child support and force him into her life through coparenting, if he leaves her completely.

Not every TLC fan agreed with the child support theory as Dannielle Merrifield already has two kids. However, most of them agreed that it was a deliberate pregnancy.

Here are some of those comments:

  • The poor child is definitely an anchor baby. I can’t get over Ick’s blank fish face when she told him that she was pregnant. He was So disappointed and so bad at hiding it.
  • I also suspect he told Roberta #2 that he and Dannielle were no longer intimate and now he’s caught in yet another lie.
  • The timing of the pregnancy makes it incredibly hard to believe that it wasn’t on purpose, but I don’t think her motivations were financial. I think it was to exert some control in a situation where she was (rightfully) feeling out of control.

What are your thoughts about Dannielle Merrifield? Do you believe she deliberately got pregnant to try and trap Garrick Merrifield into returning to her? Or, do you think she just wanted more control over the father of her children? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your Seeking Sister Wife news.

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