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Vivian Reveals Her Illicit Plan to Honor Victor’s Legacy, While Theresa Prevents Brady From Going Through Victor’s Briefcase

Vivian Reveals Her Illicit Plan to Honor Victor’s Legacy, While Theresa Prevents Brady From Going Through Victor’s Briefcase

In a defensive stance, Theresa pulls Victor's briefcase back.

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At the Pub, John tells Steve the John Doe they were helping is his father, Timothy Robicheaux. After marveling over all the coincidences leading Timothy to him, Steve expresses how happy he is for his friend. An exuberant John says he and Marlena plan to dote on his father as much as possible. Steve can’t wait to meet him.

Running late for dinner with her parents, Chad calls Stephanie from Titan. Vivian shows up as he hangs up. When he wonders what she’s doing there, she responds, “Is that any way to talk to your new boss?” She informs him she is still Victor’s wife and soul heir. As she executes her plans for Titan, will Chad be on the unemployment line or her number two?

Julie gives Maggie a registered letter from Vivian in the Horton dining room. “What fresh hell is this?” Maggie wonders. She reads the letter informing Mrs. Horton that she is being removed as CEO of Titan.

Sitting behind the Titan desk, a glowering Vivian spreads her hands out to Chad. He stands before her with his hands in his pockets, smirking.

Chad calls Maggie to confirm Vivian’s claims. Maggie assures him staying at Titan won’t mean he’s betraying her. Plus, maybe he could find out what Vivian’s up to. After hanging up, Chad welcomes Vivian to Titan and asks about her vision for the company. She wants to honor Victor’s legacy by returning to his roots of selling street drugs. Chad quits.

With the kids in bed, Stephanie pours wine for her and Kayla while waiting for their men to arrive. When Kayla brings up Theresa, Stephanie shares she has her sights set on Alex — and she’s totally cool with that. Kayla warns that relatives getting involved with the same guy can get dicey. She knows about that firsthand from when she got involved with Shane. Stephanie points out Shane was the love of her Aunt Kim’s life, but Alex is just an ex-boyfriend. Kayla retorts he’s an ex-boyfriend she sees a lot. Stephanie assures Kayla she’s totally committed to Chad. Kayla asks if she sees herself marrying him.

As Alex and Brady return to the Greek hotel, Theresa scrambles to return the document she’s reading to Victor’s briefcase and hides it. The cousins take her to task for her extravagant room service order she put on their tab. Blowing it off, Theresa asks about their meeting with Konstantin. Overriding Brady’s reluctance to tell her, Alex explains about Victor’s letters that they couldn’t find. Theresa produces the briefcase. “Maybe they’re in here.”

Over beers, Steve and John catch up on their sons’ exploits and then discuss Vivian’s return. Steve calls her crazy and dangerous, as she walks in. John gets up to hug Vivian, who chastises her “darling nephew” for not visiting her in prison. “I didn’t want to,” John deadpans. When Steve leaves for dinner with his family, Vivian asks John to work at Titan.

Sitting at the Horton dining table, Maggie clasps Julie's hand. They exchange compassionate looks.

At Horton House, Julie suggests fighting Vivian, but Maggie points out she has all the power. She can do whatever the hell she wants with Victor’s company, and there’s not a damn thing they can do to stop her. Maggie can only hope Alex and Brady find something in Greece.

At the Greek hotel, Brady reaches for Victor’s briefcase, but Theresa pulls it away. He rips it from her hands. Theresa explains that Shane suggested Maggie be the one to open it. Brady relents, and the trio make plans to leave in the morning. When Theresa starts to follow Brady out of Alex’s hotel room, he asks, “Where do you think you’re going?” To his room, of course, she replies. “Like hell you are,” he spits back.

Theresa can’t stay with Alex because she barely knows him. “That didn’t used to matter to you,” Brady says. Alex calls that below the belt, but Brady doesn’t want to be alone with her. He calls Theresa desperate and pathetic and urges her to stop trying to get back with him. He storms out. Alex asks a teary-eyed Theresa if she’s okay. “Not really,” she says. He envelops her in a hug.

At the apartment, Stephanie thinks her mother is taking a big leap by discussing marriage. Kayla points out she’s helping to raise Chad’s kids. “Don’t you want to marry Chad?” Kayla asks. “Of course, I want to marry Chad,” Stephanie responds just as Chad returns home. After some awkwardness, Chad tells them about Vivian. Steve shows up and gets filled in. Witnessing Chad and Stephanie’s playful banter about Vivian selling drugs, Steve says he loves how they make each other laugh. There’s no greater sign of compatibility. He asks if they’re thinking about getting married. Stephanie winces while Chad uncomfortably sips his wine.

At the Pub, Vivian tries to convince John to be her COO, but he refuses. She wonders if there’s anything she could do to change his mind. He tells her to give Maggie back her house. She would like to, but she’s been advised that if she gives Maggie one dime, that will acknowledge that Maggie has access to Victor’s fortune. She can’t do it. John tells her to find another corporate stooge then. “Who?” Vivian wonders.

In Greece, Alex assures Theresa that Brady didn’t mean what he said. Between sniffles, she disagrees, calling herself unlovable. Alex insists Theresa is smart and brave and very beautiful. Thanking him for being there for her, she kisses him. As they grow more passionate, Alex rips off his shirt and unzips Theresa’s dress. They fall to the bed.

Vivian barges into the Horton dining room with a box of Maggie’s figurines. Since Vivian threw Maggie out of her house, Julie repays the favor by physically pushing her toward the door. Alone, Maggie sighs. “God. Give me strength.”

Julie lunges for a recoiling Vivian.


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