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‘Sister Wives’: How’s Savanah Brown Amid Parent’s Split Drama?

How’s Savanah Brown Amid Parent’s Split Drama?

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Sister Wives star Savanah Brown has made significant life adjustments since Janelle and Kody’s split. She had to move away with her mother. However, the former second wife revealed that her daughter had a hard time living in the RV. Due to this, she had to send the 18-year-old to one of her siblings. A lot has happened to the patriarch’s twelfth child behind the cameras. Keep reading to see what she’s up to today.

Sister Wives: How Did Savanah Brown Adjust To Her Adult Year

Savanah turned 18 last year, legally turning her into an adult. But instead of trying out new things in life, especially dating, she remained close to the family. She has also been a travel buddy for Janelle. The Sister Wives star remained discreet regarding her circle of friends and prefers to talk about her Labrador dog, Caroline. Most of her social media photos also indicate that she’s currently not in a relationship.

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Where Does She Live Today?

Savanah is presently living with her sister, Maddie Brown Brush. According to Janelle, her youngest daughter had a difficult time living off the grid. Some fans also commended the 27-year-old mother for letting the young adult live in her house. She even gave her a special gift in June, which is a big puzzle. The two never felt the age gap between them and have been living together like best friends.

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Many were also surprised when Kody appeared at Savanah Brown’s graduation in May. The patriarch’s efforts for his kids received positive comments. Meanwhile, some are hoping that he will soon find a way to fix his never-ending problems with the wives.

Sister Wives: Where Does Savanah Brown Study?

Savanah has yet to share if she’s now attending college after graduating from high school last year. Janelle has been a supportive mother, and it may only be a matter of time before her daughter announces entering a university. Her sister, Maddie, studied at Utah State University. But she dropped out after getting engaged to Caleb in 2015.

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Photo Credit: @janellebrown117 Instagram

Some of Janelle Brown’s sons graduated from college, while the others are currently studying. At this point, the mother of six is focusing more on traveling with her friends. Many are also impressed by the progress she has made in her weight loss journey. Savanah has yet to join the pink drink company her mother promotes. Though the 54-year-old mom was questioned after sharing a clip with her youngest daughter holding the drink.

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