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‘Sister Wives’ Did Hunter Brown Share Too Much Skin With Fans?

Hunter Brown - Sister Wives - Instagram

Lately, Sister Wives star, Hunter Brown, has been fairly quiet. No one can blame any of the Browns for wanting a low-profile life, especially after the loss of a beloved family member. However, Hunter gave some fans a shock when he immerged or shall we say, submerged with surprisingly few clothes on. Did Hunter share a bit too much skin with fans? See what you think.

Hunter Brown Keeps A Low Profile

Undeniably, Sister Wives star, Hunter Brown, has always shown great qualities with his love and care for his family. While he is a beautifully kind soul, he also loves to laugh and prefers to keep everything somewhat lighthearted for others.

Logan Brown, Gabriel Brown, Savanah Brown, Janelle Brown, Garrison Brown, and Hunter Brown from Hunter's Instagram
Janelle Brown with most of her kids. Logan, Gabriel, Savannah, Garrison, and Hunter. – Instagram

Undoubtedly, Hunter Brown’s big heart is serving him well in the nursing and healthcare field. In many ways, Hunter keeps his cards close to his chest. Decidedly he moved away from the spotlight several years ago. First, he attended the United States Air Force Academy for five years, majoring in biology. Then, he went to Johns Hopkins University to pursue a master’s degree in nursing. But he remains close to his family even from afar. Sadly, he is tortured by the loss of his brother, Garrison Brown.

Hunter Brown expresses his deep sadness for the loss of his brother, Garrison Brown. - Instagram
Hunter Brown expresses his deep sadness for the loss of his brother, Garrison Brown. – Instagram

Shocking Fans By Sharing Lots Of Skin

While the entire Brown family is still mourning the loss of Garrison, they are also learning to live despite his absence. In an Instagram Stories post, Hunter Brown shows off an incredible amount of skin. Undeniably, not much is left to the imagination wearing little more than his charming smile and sharing his contagious laughter. Within the post, the person holding the camera approaches a deep freeze and lifts the lid. Upon opening the top, Sister Wives fans can see Hunter’s body submerged in an ice bath. Although there is a light covering of ice, there’s not much covering the rest of his body.

Hunter Brown shows off lots of skin in a deep freeze ice bath. - Instagram
Hunter Brown shows off lots of skin in a deep-freeze ice bath. – Instagram

Although the reason for Hunter Brown’s ice bath is unknown, he is characteristically taking the unexpected video in stride. For someone who keeps most of his life off camera these days, it is a drastic change to see him nearly naked as he emerges. But his personality certainly still shines through with the quick clip.

What do you think about Hunter Brown’s big display of skin? Do you think he is showing too much? Are you ready to see more episodes of Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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