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R.I.P., Gabi: Days of Our Lives Is Killing a Once-Beloved Character Before Our Eyes

R.I.P., Gabi: Days of Our Lives Is Killing a Once-Beloved Character Before Our Eyes

Days Mashup Kristen pointing a gun at Stefan and Gabi at their computer

What does it mean when you’ve got three ineffective cops, two silly ghosts, and one devastated vampire? That’s right: It’s almost Halloween on Days of Our Lives! The real horror, though, had nothing to do with the spooks and goblins, but but one particularly heinous scheme. But at least we got one of the greatest treats to go along with that trick with the Theresa/Konstantin revelation this week, so if there’s one thing I have to say, it’s been a rollercoaster!

The Truth Will Set Him Free

Look, we all saw the Xander revelation coming (or at least we hoped we did), but I’m still enjoying it. I even get why they’re having him and Sarah turn on each other for the moment. The added tension is going to make it so much sweeter and, I think, unifying, when the truth comes out that he’s Victor’s son. It’s not that Sarah would suddenly want to be with him because he’s rich, but it’s going to be an emotional blow that’ll open up his vulnerability to her and make him something of a real son to Maggie.

A glaring Alex stands inches from Xander. At a table behind him, Theresa narrows her eyes at Xander.

In other words, things are especially bad for Xander just before he gets everything he’s ever wanted: family, acknowledgement, love. It won’t last, of course, because that’s not how soap operas work, but it’ll be nice while it does.

And I appreciate that they showed Theresa’s hatred being a big driving force behind denying him his birthright — and figuring she can work it to get something a little more material for herself too. And her hesitation that in changing the letter, she and Konstantin would tear Alex’s actual father away from him, was nice to see. This is still horrible, but they didn’t turn Theresa into a total monster. On that note, though…

Character Assassination

We need to talk about Gabi. I saw some fans mention that the show must be working overtime to make us dislike her so we’re not sad when she leaves. While I don’t think that’s what’s happening, it is pretty clear that they’re positioning her for her exit. And, I’ll admit, even I’m starting to feel like they’re killing who Gabi once was before our eyes. It’s not a complete 180, but it is the progression of her worst traits taking over and drowning everything else out.

Rachel peers inside a makeup bag Gabi opens for her.

I know being a parent or a mother doesn’t make you a good person by default — and I don’t think anyone could ever accuse Gabi of being “good” — but what she and Stefan just did was abhorrent. I mentioned last week how much I disliked that she was the one to suggest kidnapping Rachel, but this feels so much more gross than even that, making Rachel up to look abused.

She’s got a laundry list of underhanded schemes she’s pulled over the years in her quest for power, but for the most part that was OK because she fought dirty with people who would and did do the same. And while that may be true with Kristen, pulling Rachel in is just… as Kristen put it, “completely reprehensible!”

Kristen scowls at Stefan. Behind her, an impatient looking Gabi regards her with crossed arms.

It just feels like after their reunion, we had no chance to enjoy “Stabi” as they got stuck on the same note. And that note’s taken them down a pretty horrible path. With that said, there’s still a chance for Gabi to pivot. Her realizing just how bad they’ve gotten and feeling bad about doing this to Rachel and even Kristen shows that she’s still in there. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated seeing that… but she and Stefan still pushed forward.

But even if she does pivot, will it be enough to pull her back up before she exits? Because right now, Gabi’s barreling towards a gunshot in the back courtesy of Kristen and the real tragedy will be if she’s been pushed to the point that the audience responds with the kind of excitement that’s reserved for villains’ deaths.

And no, Stefan’s not exempt from this grossness either (he pretty much called the video what it was “pretty disturbing”… as he pushed Gabi to keep going with it), but he came to town as Vivian Alamain’s scheming, greedy son. His edges have been softened, but he’s got darkness in both halves of him. But even then, unlike Gabi, he’s not on his way out (that we know of), which means there’s time to reshape his character.

Sitting in front of Rachel, a playful Stefan raises his hand as if he's measuring the height of something.

Then there’s Brady… As far as I’m concerned, he just proved he isn’t fit to be a parent. I almost wish Marlena had come down even harder on him and I’m not really all that sorry that Gabi and Stefan double crossed him. That’s what he gets for trusting them and going along with pretending his daughter was being abused.

Keystone Cops

Dimitri and Leo have actually turned into pretty amusing comic relief, and that whole ghosts running through the background of the Horton Square while Rafe and Jada chased after them was so silly stupid it got a laugh out of me, but oof. Chasing people in sheets through town? Rafe’s brilliant revelation: “What about those two ghosts?” Not searching the one motel in town where everyone goes to hide out?

A sardonic Rafe holds up Dimitri's and Leo's mugshots to Harris and Jada.

On soap operas, the cops are usually fairly ineffective by design, because if they were good at their jobs, there wouldn’t be any tension while the bad guys ran amuck. But after seeing how loose their hiring practices are between Harris and Wendy, I get why the fans call them the Keystone Cops.

Foot? Meet Mouth

I don’t know what to say about Steve. I get being a protective father, but he goes running off to tell Chad to marry his daughter or get lost after Kayla warned him to cool it with the marriage talk, then is so shocked at Chad’s reaction, he runs off to his wife griping about how he may have blown it. No kidding!

A stone-faced Stephanie wears a tiara and form fitting black gown. A silver off-the-shoulder collar opens to a sweetheart neckline. A sheepish chad wears a high collared black cape.

But yeah, Chad and Stephanie are falling apart fast and I thought that fight was really well done. Because while yes, Chad shouldn’t move on if he’s not ready and should take the time he needs to mourn his wife, Stephanie also had a point that he shouldn’t be going along with this and getting her hopes up if he can never give her more. His, “Stephanie, I love you,” being returned with her, “Yeah, just not as much as your dead wife,” was… kind of perfectly harsh? Not that I’d have wanted them fighting the entire time they were together, but if they’d had this kind of fire more, I’d have enjoyed their relationship so much more.

And now Blake Berris is back to drive the last nail in the coffin. (Which you can read more about here.)

Stray Thoughts…

• I loved Marlena’s delighted laugh when Eric said Sloan would be sorry she missed her. “Well, no, she won’t.”

In the Square, Ava furrows her brow at Gil who makes a stern point.

• I get that Ava wants to cut ties with her old mob life and move on, but come on, she’s got connections. Clyde may be a big deal in Salem, but she has the entire Vitali mafia at her beck and call. Say the word and they’ll solve her problem. Actually… maybe that’s where this is going. No one’s really out.

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