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Judi Evans Recalls Wise Words From Genie Francis the DAYS She Got Married

Judi Evans Recalls Wise Words From Genie Francis the DAYS She Got Married

judi evans recalls genie francis advice days of our lives

Judi Evans and Genie Francis share a lot in common. TIn 1987, they were on Days of our Lives as the same time. Evans was Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis. Francis was Diana Colville. Now, on an anniversary date that they share, Evans is sharing a powerful lesson she received from Francis.

Judi Evans: Bride’s Day Remembered

Francis recalls the dates November 16 and 17, 1981, quite well. Those are the dates that college students everywhere cut class in order to watch Luke (Anthony Geary) and Laura’s (Francis) wedding. Coincidentally, Evans’s character on DAYS, Adrienne, wed true love Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth, who also plays Ned on GH) pretty much exactly six years later on November 17, 1987.

“36 years ago, we filmed Adrienne and Justin’s beautiful Greek wedding. One of my favorite experiences from my time on Days,” Evans shared on Instagram. “At the time of shooting, I was single, and I remember Genie Francis coming to me with some advice.

Supercouple Coincidence

“Luke and Laura’s wedding aired exactly 6 years to the DAY before ours, and she told me going home after filming was going to feel especially lonely,” Evans continues. “I would experience a high of love and romance all day long and, at the end of the day, go home all alone. She told me to remember I was special and loved. ❤️

“I didn’t want to go home right away… she was right about that feeling… so I decided to go to a bar,” Evans recounts. “Some guy started flirting with me, and he got around to asking me what I did that day… I told him I got married 😂💍🇬🇷 #justinandadrienne #jadrienne #daysofourlives.”

Wally Kurth, Judi Evans, Genie Francis

“God bless Genie Francis. And yes, what we do as actors can be jarring when we come back down to earth…” Kurth shared in the comments section of Evans’s post, “and be [our] real selves. Love ya Judi❤️ And I agree, that year on Days will always be one of my favorites.”


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