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General Hospital Spoilers: Disaster Strikes For Molly & TJ’s Baby, Could Kristina Save The Day?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers hint that things won’t be all “smooth sailing” for TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) and Molly Lansing-Davis (Kristen Vaganos) when it comes to their surrogacy journey.

Right now, all is well as their surrogate Andrea Gates (Lily Anne Harrison) is pregnant; however, fans know that in the land of Port Charles, disaster could strike at any moment.

Could her older sister, Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Kate Mansi), end up saving the day?

General Hospital Spoilers: Disaster Strikes For Molly & TJ’s Baby, Could Kristina Save The Day?

General Hospital Spoilers – Tensions Are High Between The Davis Sisters

GH spoilers imply that the issues between Molly and Kristina will continue. For one reason or another, Molly seems to have a ton of animosity for her older sis.

Sure, she kindly offered to be the couple’s surrogate and she was a little offended when they declined the idea, but things between TJ, Molly, and Kristina gone a bit overboard. Especially considering what others have done in the little town?

Molly and TJ feel as if Kristina always tries to make things about herself, and it’s entirely possible that Kristina’s little sister also resents the fact that she can conceive and carry and child, while she’s struggling. Still, the tension between the Davis sisters will likely continue for most of Andrea’s pregnancy.

GH Spoilers – Kristina Corinthos-DavisnWill End Up A Hero In This Story

Both Kristina and Molly are good people. In some ways, it’s sad to see the sisters at odds. Especially since the reasoning behind it is so minuscule.

Perhaps this storyline is building up to strengthen the sisters’ bond. After all, if push came to shove, the two would likely brush off their differences and unite.

As Kristina continues to try and get closer to Molly, and Molly pushes her away, if something happened to the baby after it was born, and Kristina saved the day, would all be forgiven?

Andrea seems a little too good to be true, so what if Ms. Gates tries to take off with the baby, and Kristina stops her?

Then again, Ms. Corinthos could lay her life on the line and save the baby from another kidnapper, proving that she’s willing to do anything for her family, which would essentially exonerate her from any past sins.

Will Kristina end up saving the day for Molly, TJ, and their baby? Share your thoughts below. Watch the popular ABC soap daily to see what happens next and visit this site regularly for the best General Hospital updates, spoilers, and news.

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