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General Hospital: Sonny Finally Puts An End To Gladys! But Was It Enough?

Sonny Finally Puts An End To Gladys! But Was It Enough?

Daytime soaps perhaps have one of the most loyal, passionate and vocal fanbase of all times. That of General Hospital is no different. The fans are never shy of voicing their opinions or clashing with fans of any opposing character than theirs. However, currently, one character on GH has united all fandoms of the soap on one common ground like never before! We are talking about Gladys Corbin! Off late, she has risen as perhaps the most hated character in Port Charles. All thanks to her more than despicable acts again the vulnerable Sasha.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Gladys’ downfall has sent has wave of joy among General Hospital fans. The October 5, 2023, episode of GH saw Sonny unleashing his fury on Sasha’s monster-in-law. The dimpled don caught her literally short of one foot out the door. He menacingly tore into her for all the atrocities she pulled with Sasha. He then sent her packing to Bridgeport with a stern warning to never show her face again. Honestly, the terror on her face was such a satisfying visual.

General Hospital
GH/ Gladys is cornered

However, we are not so sure if Sonny’s justice did justice enough to what Gladys did to Sasha on General Hospital. It was nice and relieving to see rein of terror end. But did she get comeuppance enough? Maybe not. It was rather underwhelming. The way the makers were building the story up, it felt like Gladys’ would meet a horrendous end. But what actually happened was rather anticlimactic. She got off really easy, if you ask us! But then it’s not just us who feel this way.

Is This Really The End For Gladys On General Hospital?

The rather vocal General Hospital fandom has once again fired up social media with their displeasure of how the climax of this storyline was handled. Fans unanimously agree that shipping her off to Bridgeport is too gentle. After everything that she has done, she deserves to be put behind bars, if not six feet under! Moreover, fans also questioned Sonny’s sensibilities as a fearsome don. He acted too lightly with Gladys in the end. Or did he? What if this isn’t the end? Maybe Sonny has something much severe in mind for Gladys but at a later point, perhaps for an added impact.

GH/ Does Sonny have secret plans for Gladys?

Or what it Gladys actually makes a come back in future episodes, and that’s where she meets a fitting end on General Hospital! What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

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