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Financial Breakdown !! Kody and Robyn Are Declared ‘BANKRUPTCY’

Financial Breakdown !! Kody and Robyn Are Declared ‘BANKRUPTCY’

  •  Kody and Robyn Brown’s finances are being questioned, and rumors suggest they may be facing money troubles.
  •  Kody’s divorce from his other wives means that he has to navigate a new financial landscape, potentially struggling to make ends meet.
  •  The couple’s made some extravagant purchases, like their $900,000 house, raising speculation about the sustainability of their lifestyle.

Sister Wives stars Kody and Robyn Brown live under a microscope, and recently, their decision to pay off their Coyote Pass debts led to questions about their finances. Over the years, there have been a lot of rumors about the pair’s possible money woes. Even Kody’s own daughter Gwendlyn Brown has talked about her father’s supposedly wild spending habits. While there’s no concrete proof that Kody and Robyn are in the red, there’s chatter that points in that direction, and it’s time to unpack the gossip.

Kody has one wife now. The Sister Wives patriarch, who alienated Meri, Janelle and Christine Brown by falling hopelessly in love with wife number four, is faced with a new financial landscape. It may be more barren than what he’s used to, as his exes are bound to keep their own reality TV paychecks. Before, he might have controlled everyone’s money. Divorce costs a bundle, and it’s a process that sometimes has no winners. In a split, both sides can end up poorer. There’s a chance that Kody and Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown are figuring out how to make ends meet.

Kody & Robyn Bought A $900,000 House


Sure, they’ve made money over the years – they’ve probably made quite a lot of it. However, Kody’s the father of 18 children. He has bills to pay that a typical family man (or woman) probably can’t even wrap their head around. While some of his children are grown up and independent, he still has kids to support. The amount that Kody and Robyn have earned over the years hasn’t been revealed, but a series of rumors point to Kody living large. Of course, that means that Robyn probably is too. It’s unclear if the duo’s income’s big enough to cover some fairly extravagant purchases.

In 2019, as per Daily Mail, Kody and Robyn bought a house valued at $900,000. This Flagstaff “palace” may not be the most luxurious home in the world, but it’s a well-appointed residence with plenty of bells and whistles, including 4,000-square feet of living space and a four-car garage. The ritzy private house has a huge kitchen, five bedrooms, and one perk that doesn’t seem to fit the clean-living Mormon lifestyle – a wine fridge. However, Kody and Robyn were actually spotted at a bar in the past. They were reportedly doing a cowboy jitterbug in a disco (according to Soap Dirt) – a place where booze typically flows.

There Were Rumors Of Tax Debts Linked With Coyote Pass

sister wives coyote pass map

Kody and Robyn’s relationship is evolving. They’ve only got each other now, and the kids, and Robyn doesn’t seem to want to change that. She recently let the world know that she’d be hurt if Kody chose to court a potential new spouse. Not too long ago, the couple cleared their Coyote Pass debts, paying off their shares of this doomed Arizona land investment. They might have wanted to avoid paying more interest on what they owed, and there are unproven rumors that Kody once had overdue tax debts linked with Christine Brown’s share of the land.

Christine sold Kody and Robyn her Coyote Pass plot for just ten bucks. On Instagram, @withoutacrystalball alleged that Kody and Robyn failed to pay taxes on that investment, which reportedly has the highest property tax level of all the shares. Christine’s former patch of land is bigger, and this meant higher property taxes. She fled the famous family in September 2021, and after that month, Kody and Robyn didn’t make a property tax payment on the share that Christine sold them. Apparently, Kody and Robyn were making their tax payments on the other shares.

Now that Kody and Robyn have wiped out their Coyote Pass debt, they may be getting ready to sell. The Coyote Pass dream went up in flames, thanks to the kind of family dysfunction that a new and peaceful setting can’t solve. In fact, the saga of Coyote Pass made it clear just how bad things had gotten with Kody and all of his wives but Robyn.

Kody Splashed Out Cash On A David Yurman Necklace

kody brown montage with children sister wives

As previously mentioned, Kody was accused of overspending by his own daughter Gwen, via her YouTube channel, but that doesn’t stop him from flaunting expensive jewelry in front of his kids. When he attended his daughter Savanah Brown’s graduation in May of this year, he was decked out in finery, including a costly David Yurman pendant valued at $1300. While this isn’t the most expensive piece of jewelry in the world, it costs a lot more than the “inspirational” designs that used to be hawked at My Sisterwife’s Closet.

There are other hints that Kody likes the finer things in life. Remember that flashy sports car he used to ride around in on the show? It was a Lexus convertible i.e. an upscale automobile. Kody and Robyn have also worn luxe wristwatches. While he and Robyn probably have a lot of ways to make money, to live the way that they want to, more cash may be needed. With three wives down, the long-term future of the show, which is surely a main stream of income, is up in the air. However, Sister Wives season 18 has a confirmed premiere date of August 20, 2023.

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