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Days of Our Lives Preview: Konstantin’s Downfall May Just Be the Start of a Kiriakis Family Implosion

Days mashup John/Steve facing off to Theresa/Alex, Xander, Justin and Konstantin


No matter how slick the con or masterful the scheme, one thing is always sure on Days of Our Lives: The bad guys’ plans will always fall apart! That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll pay for their crimes, of course, but it is nice to know that they can’t get away with villainy forever. Unless they’re name is Stefano, that is.

Konstanin is just the latest in a long string of villains to hit Salem and while he’s done a decent job so far in keeping his plans under tight control, Steve and John’s visit to Greece is about to start unraveling each of his lies.

Stephen Nichols spoke with Soap Opera Digest about Black Patch’s discoveries, from Konstantin and Victor’s enmity towards each other, to the loan that Victor was waiting to get back from the Greek restaurateur. The sleuths are convinced that he’s no good, but unfortunately, that’s not enough for those he’s been preying upon.

Konstantin holds a gift box for Maggie. A wary Steve and smiling Kayla regard him.

While Sarah had been on guard, Konstantin did a number on her, convincing her to embrace him with open arms after “rescuing” baby Victoria. And Kayla just cares about what Maggie and Sarah see. “They think he’s charming,” Nichols explained, “and that he makes Maggie happy.”

But about that dramatic baby rescue… Steve isn’t buying what Konstantin is selling, even after confronting the man one on one. So he and John push harder and start “digging deeper and checking security camera footage around the park where they believe the child could have been handed off.”

And unless Konstantin has somehow gotten into Salem’s CCTV service and hacked all the security cams in town, there’s no way he can stop what’s coming his way. One way or another, Steve’s determined to put an end to the lies and the smooth talk. Nichols admitted that his character “doesn’t know how serious the situation is, but he sees that all the little white lies are starting to add up.”

A wide-eyed Theresa glares at Konstantin. She wears a black hoodie over her head.

The more lies that add up, though, the more dominoes there are to fall. Because while we thought (hoped) Theresa’s sliver of conscience would get the better of her eventually, it looks like Black Patch’s tenacity may be what unravels her and Konstanin’s grand scam.

Right now, Nichols shared to Digest, Steve figures Konstantin is like “one of those firefighters who sets fires, so he can play the hero and put them out.” Mostly, he just wants to “be seen by Maggie in a good light.”

He may have an inkling that he’s after her half of Victor’s fortune, as well, but why in the world would he suspect anything more than that? In searching for the truth about Konstantin, John and Steve are bound to stumble on Theresa’s role in the baby snatching and start pulling on the thread that will lead them to a much greater truth: Xander!

Xander scowls at Alex.

When all is said and done the two PIs may be the only ones left standing after Konstantin and Theresa are both driven, not just away from the Kiriakis family, but out of Salem. Alex will be left dealing with the devastating news that he isn’t Victor’s heir apparent, Maggie will be devastated to have been taken advantage of by Konstantin and the “respectable” members of the Kiriakis family like Justin and Brady could be horrified to learn that Xander is getting half of Victor’s fortune — and likely control of Titan as well!

In the end, Xander and Sarah may be the only ones to come out of this in good standing, able to provide anything and everything for Victor’s grandchild and namesake, Victoria!

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