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Christine Brown’s son Paedon, takes savage swipe at her fiancé David Woolley in explosive TikTok

CHRISTINE Brown’s son Paedon has taken a savage swipe at her fiancé, David Woolley, in a TikTok live.

The Sister Wives star, 24, admitted that he finds David, 59, “standoffish” and will “never be close” with him.

Christine Brown's son Paedon took a savage swipe at her fiancé, David Woolley, in a TikTok live

Christine Brown’s son Paedon took a savage swipe at her fiancé, David Woolley, in a TikTok liveCredit: TikTok/paedonbrown

He said he finds David 'standoffish' and will 'never be close' to him

He said he finds David ‘standoffish’ and will ‘never be close’ to himCredit: david__woolley/Instagram

Paedon – whose father is Christine’s ex, Kody – talked about her relationship with David earlier this week.

He said: “My mom has asked me how I feel about him. I told her that I’d probably never be very close with him.

“But that’s not a problem at all. My mom was never very close to her stepdad. And that’s okay.

“I’ll probably never be close to David but that’s perfectly okay. She’s happy.”

When fans asked why he’s not close with David, Paedon added: “I can’t give you exact details. We’re both standoffish.

“We’re both tall guys, we’ve both got a lot of experiences … It’ll never turn violent, I’ll never hit him, he’ll never hit me. He’s a wonderful guy.”

Paedon shares his concerns over Christine and David’s whirlwind romance, admitting he thinks they’re moving too quickly.

David got down on one knee and proposed to Christine, 51, in early April, just two months after going public with their romance.

Paedon said: “She’s going really fast. She was in a bad relationship for years.

“At least for the past five years you’ve been in a bad relationship and I’m really sorry about that.

“You are now rushing into this relationship very very quickly. I’m very happy that she’s happy, it’s absolutely amazing.”

He added: “She can move as fast as she wants, she’s an adult. I am just looking out for her as her son. It’s completely up to her. It’s her life.”

While the couple’s relationship timeline is unclear, a source told The U.S. Sun that they were secretly together “for months” before the proposal.

“The wedding will be sooner than later. It could happen within the next month or up to four months,” the source revealed.

“Christine definitely does not want a long engagement.

“Truth be told, it could happen any day, and we might not even know about it.”

The newly engaged couple kept their engagement a secret before sharing the news with the world on April 14.

They went public with their relationship two months prior on Valentine’s Day.

The source continued: “They’re moving fast. Polygamy law is, like, a 30-day engagement, so it’s something she’s used to.”

Christine shares six children with her ex Kody – Aspyn, 27; Mykelti, 26; Gwendlyn, 21; Ysabel, 19; Truely, 13; and Paedon.

Paedon admitted he thinks Christine and David are moving 'very quickly'

Paedon admitted he thinks Christine and David are moving ‘very quickly’Credit: Instagram/christine_brownsw

The 24-year-old is Christine's only son

The 24-year-old is Christine’s only sonCredit: Instagram

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