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B&B Spoilers Speculation: Eric Will Learn He Lost The Competition

B&B Spoilers Speculation: Eric Will Learn He Lost The Competition

Eric Forrester will someday learn how much Ridge loves him.

B&B spoilers have proven time and time again that soaps are all about secrets. Right now, there’s a big one being kept from Eric Forrester. The patriarch actually didn’t win the fashion competition between himself and his son, Ridge. However, he wants to keep that bit of news from his dad because of his failing health.

B&B Spoilers: Eric Faces the Great Unknown

Will Eric (John McCook) learn the truth? That Ridge’s (Thorsten Kaye) gowns got more votes and he lied about the results to make what he fears are his father’s dying days happy ones? The reality is that there will be even more drama to explore once Eric learns that he didn’t emerge as the fashion victor.

Secrets & Lies

While secrets play a big role on soaps, let’s not forget that B&B drags theirs out at times. Eric didn’t learn for decades that his and Stephanie’s (Susan Flannery) daughter Angela didn’t die shortly after birth. Stephanie didn’t know for even longer that Massimo Marone (Joe Mascolo) — not Eric — was Ridge’s birth father. Watch for Ridge to keep this fashion secret quiet for years. It’s possible Eric won’t learn the truth…especially if the end for Eric comes quickly.

Soaps are also filled with bittersweet moments. There’s a possibility that Eric will live, which would be sweet, but then he’d learn he didn’t actually win — which would be bitter. But it’d better for Eric to live and know he’d lost than to die and think he’d won. Then, he could live to design and win another day.

B&B viewers know that this story hasn’t been about a fashion war. That’s just the backdrop as to what the tale is truly about and that’s Ridge’s love for his father (and Eric’s for Ridge). This will hopefully be a nice consolation prize for Eric because let’s face it — even though secrets take years and years to come out, they eventually do just that. It’ll be interesting to see how Eric discovers this inevitable truth.

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