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BACK TOGETHER? Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown ‘would take ex Kody back’ after being ‘pushed out’ of marriage by ally Christine

Janelle Brown ‘would take ex Kody back’ after being ‘pushed out’ of marriage by ally Christine

SISTER Wives’ Janelle Brown might not be done forever with Kody after separating from her ex, The U.S. Sun has exclusively learned.

During the season 18 premiere of Sister Wives, fans watched as Janelle confessed she couldn’t be in a relationship with Kody if he was “estranged” from sons Gabe and Garrison since she puts her kids first.

Janelle Brown "would take back" ex Kody, a source told The U.S. Sun

Janelle Brown “would take back” ex Kody, a source told The U.S. SunCredit: Instagram/janellebrown117
A source claimed Kody - pictured with his and Janelle's daughter Savannah - 'hopes' he and Janelle can reconcile

A source claimed Kody – pictured with his and Janelle’s daughter Savannah – ‘hopes’ he and Janelle can reconcileCredit: Instagram/_savanahbrown_

Now, a source has claimed to The U.S. Sun that Janelle “would take Kody back.”

“Janelle was happy with her life with Kody when they were married.

“Their relationship has always been more on a friendship level – they have never really been physical,” a source revealed.

“She would have been completely fine staying married to Kody and him coming over once a week.”

The insider went on to explain that “if it wasn’t for Christine pushing Janelle to also leave, she wouldn’t have.”

The U.S. Sun previously reported that Janelle, 54, had “no reason” to leave Kody, 54, but was pushed out by bestie Christine.

In the trailer for the new season, Janelle is seen exploding at Kody around the holidays as she held back tears.

“Listen to me. Shut your f**king mouth and let me talk to you for a minute,” she screams at him.

After he gets up and slams the door as he walks out, she shouts: F**k you!”

An insider told The U.S. Sun: “Seeing Janelle this angry is more about being angry over the position she’s been put in.

“This other side of her that fans are seeing is more her dramatizing it for TV.”


Janelle and Kody’s “blowout argument” in December is what was the final straw for Janelle and lead to their separation that same month.

“This burden came off me, and I thought, ‘Wow, Okay, it’s over,'” she told People in her recent cover story with Christine.

The mom-of-six also said she felt she “should be loyal out of obligation” and that if Christine “hadn’t left, I might’ve stayed.”

Christine publicly announced her split from Kody in November 2021. Meri, for her part, confirmed her split in January 2023.

Robyn remains the last-standing wife, who is the only one that legally married the father of 18.

Janelle and Kody have been spiritually married for nearly 30 years before they officially separated.

Together, they share six kids: Logan, 28, Madison, 27, Hunter, 25, Garrison, 24, Gabe, 21, and Savanah, 18.

Garrison and Gabe’s estranged relationship with their father played out last season of Sister Wives.

A big disagreement that lead to them being on non-speaking terms with their father was over Covid protocols.

The season 18 premiere picked up where things left off and was centered on the family’s holiday plans, which ultimately they spent apart.

Janelle told Christine: “Kody’s still feeling like the boys need to have a conversation with him or whatever, so we’re separate.

“Kody feels like they owe him a big apology and some sort of conversation and stuff for being disrespectful.”

She then shared in her confessional: “Kody and I have been through some tough spots and we’ve always come out of them.

“But I can’t really be in a full relationship with him if he’s going to be estranged from my children. It just seems really wrong.”


Kody, for his part, believed Janelle should have his back and, given her actions, believed she was “undermining” his ability to lead the family.

Now that time has passed, a source told The U.S. Sun: “Kody is fully open to Janelle coming back.

“That’s kind of his hope. By Season 19, I have a feeling you’re going to see Janelle back with Kody.”

In People’s interview with the Browns, Kody admitted that he is “very interested in reconciling” with his second wife Janelle following their split.

“I’m still looking for reconciliation with Janelle. I won’t say she’s been wishy-washy about the departure.

“But I keep thinking, ‘This isn’t a reason for us to break up. We can work through this. We can find trust again and negotiate an agreement on that trust if we’ll just work on it,'” he shared.

“I have to find a new normal with Janelle because even if Janelle and I reconcile our marriage, it’s still going to be a new normal because it’s going to be different from where we’ve been before.”

Janelle, for now, is “settling into the new path” and told the media outlet “There’s only possibilities in front of us.”

Janelle was then 'pushed out' of her marriage by bestie Christine, a source claimed

Janelle was then ‘pushed out’ of her marriage by bestie Christine, a source claimedCredit: Instagram/The Secret to Selfcare
Janelle was 'happy' in her marriage to Kody of nearly 30 years before they split

Janelle was ‘happy’ in her marriage to Kody of nearly 30 years before they splitCredit: TLC
Janelle's explosive fight with Kody that was the 'final straw' took place in December 2022

Janelle’s explosive fight with Kody that was the ‘final straw’ took place in December 2022


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