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Young & Restless’ Michelle Stafford Shares the Video That Left Her Admitting, ‘I’m Not Proud of Myself’ — and Neither Is Her Son!

Young & Restless’ Michelle Stafford Shares the Video That Left Her Admitting, ‘I’m Not Proud of Myself’ — and Neither Is Her Son!

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Michelle Stafford may be a big deal in the entertainment industry, but she and her son face the same challenges the rest of us do — in this case, when it comes to holiday shopping!

Having sped through back-to-school and Halloween, it seems stores everywhere have moved on directly to… Christmas! On a recent outing, this left Stafford and her concerned kid asking, “What happened to Thanksgiving?!”

While Phyllis may or may not turn up at Sharon’s coffee house to help feed the homeless this Thanksgiving holiday (she is trying to redeem herself!), Stafford is definitely planning on celebrating. That’s why she set out for Home Goods to try and rustle up some appropriate decor for the occasion.
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Imagine her dismay when she and Jameson discovered that, basically, they were too fa-la-la-la-late. Scouring the store for “harvest finds”, the star and her son were dismayed to find themselves directed to the clearance table! Jameson theorized that the “boss here doesn’t do Thanksgiving.” It’s certainly possible.

After deeming the situation “unacceptable” a funny thing happened, however, as Stafford found herself unable to resist the trappings of the Christmas season. Hilariously picking up a cute sign and then hastily putting it down, the alarmed star panicked, “I’m getting sucked into Christmas!”

As it turned out, they got, ahem, “sidetracked” over and over.

“Load it up!” Jameson called out as he reported to the camera that his mom was “buying this stuff,” including a lovely red Christmas lantern. Stafford confessed she wasn’t happy with herself: “I’m ashamed,” and wondered if perhaps she could spray paint the red lantern orange or brown.

Finally, leaving the store with her purchases, including her Christmas goods, the Young & Restless star concluded, “I’m not proud of myself. Not proud.” Jameson chimed in, “I’m not proud either.” Watch the run and relatable clip below:


Hey, the way we see it, if you don’t buy the Christmas stuff at Thanksgiving, it might not be available when you do need it. The stores will have moved on to Valentine’s Day. Crazy!


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