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Valentin Discovers Who Broke Into Anna’s Suite — and Cody Suggests an Alternative Way Out to Sasha

Valentin Discovers Who Broke Into Anna’s Suite — and Cody Suggests an Alternative Way Out to Sasha

Val asks say nothing

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Marshall arrives at The Savoy, and N’neka says this is the slowest night they’ve had in months. Ms. Wu and her new associate arrive, and she says hello to Marshall and N’neka. Marshall asks what they’d like to drink, and Mr. Wu says they are just here for a quick drink before heading to the new club downtown, Intrigue, which is always packed.

Curtis and Wu GH

N’neka goes to the back and makes a call saying they need some help at the club.

At the bar, Ms. Wu again tells Marshall to let her take the club off his hands before it’s worthless, as the club isn’t the same without Curtis. He suggests she go to that other club and see if it’s for sale. Ms. Wu thanks him for the drinks and leaves with her new friend.

Wu offer GH

Trina drops by Portia and Curtis’ house with the new Sudden Death video game for the game system they just got. When Portia leaves the room Curtis asks Trina why she really came over, as he knows she can’t be homesick yet. She says she doesn’t need to be homesick to visit. Portia returns, and Trina offers to go get them all iced tea.

Trina visits GH

Curtis tells Portia she knows why Trina really came by, to check on them. He says she raised a very special young woman.

Curtis and Portia chat Trina GH

Trina returns with drinks and she and Curtis play their game hunting down zombies as a clueless Portia watches them. Portia excuses herself when she gets a voicemail and says she needs to step out for a bit. She claims everything is fine and she just has to help out a friend, and they should enjoy their game.

Portia and Curtis discus Trina GH

Trina brings up Curtis going to the club the other day, and he admits it was good to get out of the house. However, being there opened his eyes to a lot, some good, some hard to admit. He reflects on how amazing the club was for him, but dreams can change, and he can’t imagine working in that club in his current situation. Trina says he is the club though.

Trina Curtis chat GH

Curtis wants to change the subject to her and what’s going on in her life. Trina opens up that she and Spencer are taking a weekend trip to New York, and she hasn’t told her mom. She was going to wait to tell her as he knows how her mom feels about Spencer. Curtis does, and the important thing is how she feels about Spencer.  She admits she’s not ready to say, “I love you.” Maybe she’s waiting for him to say it first. Curtis asks if she’s having doubts. She admits Spencer can do stupid things, but sweet things as well. Curtis says he wasn’t a fan of his originally, but that changed in Greenland. He asks if she can count on him emotionally. She believes she can. He reminds her they come from different worlds, and people with too much free time and money tend to get into a lot of trouble. Trina says Spencer isn’t like that and he’s great with Ace. Curtis asks if she is ready to take on a child, and how will Spencer cope if Esme leaves town with Ace. Trina doesn’t know, they don’t know what the future holds. Curtis understands that, and says sometimes you have to live in the moment. Trina asks if this is her moment.

At the cabin, Sasha steps out of the bathroom after having cleaned up and thanks Sam and Dante for the change of clothes. They then order to Cody get into that shower next as he stinks.

Sasha showered GH

Cody soon returns showered and changed, and says he found a bottle of pills in one of Montague’s pockets. Sam suspects Montague was going to tie up loose ends regarding Sasha. Sasha exclaims, “You think he was going to kill me?” Dante says he may have just wanted to sedate her and move her somewhere else. Cody indicates this shows he had a plan. Sam asks, “But what it was, and how do we prove it?”

They run down all the connections between Gladys and Montague, and Cody notes every gambler needs a steady cash flow. Sam suggests Gladys brought in Montague to help her keep control of Sasha’s assets, but he pushed it too far. Dante says Montague may have had to make Sasha look insane and like an addict to cover his part in all this. Sam asks once again how they prove any of this.

Discussing Dr. Montague GH

Dante says Montague looks like the victim here, and Cody adds they are escaped patients. Dante tells Cody he’s a felon, who is charged with kidnapping and assault. Sasha thinks they should turn themselves in and explain everything. Dante says they may have something going for them, as Mac is the acting commissioner and he’ll see Cody is innocent. Dante and Cody reflect in their minds on the fact that Mac is Cody’s father. Cody thinks they can’t depend on Mac’s goodwill. Sam suggests Sasha and Cody wait here, and she and Dante will dig around and be in touch tomorrow. Dante thanks them both for everything. Dante and Sam leave, and Sasha can’t believe what they are willing to risk for them. Cody says it’s for her, they all believe in her. Sasha hopes they find something. Cody says there is another option, they could disappear.

Cody clean GH

Dex arrives at Sonny’s office and they discuss the raid and arrest. Sonny says the feds will be watching his every move, and these charges were on a whole other level than he’s ever faced before. Plus Pikeman isn’t taking no for an answer.

Dex checks in GH

Later, Mr. Hume from Pikeman arrives. He tells Sonny he’s sorry about the trouble he faced and brings an apology, a briefcase full of cash. Sonny asks if this is an apology or a down payment for another deal. Mr. Hume confirms it’s for another deal, but Sonny won’t play. He warns him that the feds know everything, so his organization has a leak as none of his guys ratted him out. He tells him no more deals until he finds the leak, as he won’t let the feds take him down.

Sonny not sure GH

Hume leaves, and Sonny tells Dex that now is his chance to prove he’s worthy to move up in his organization, so tell him his thoughts on what just happened. Dex says Pikeman seems to have a smooth operation going, but he doesn’t believe someone in Pikeman would have risked turning on him and getting themselves caught at the same time. However, he doesn’t believe any of Sonny’s men ratted them out either.

Sonny is impressed and tells Dex about the false information he planted. Dex believes the safest option is to cut ties with Pikeman. Sonny says they aren’t taking no for an answer. He bought himself time tonight, but they have to figure out how to move forward.

In Anna’s suite at the Metro Court, she’s on the phone checking when she can expect the police to arrive. There is a knock at the door. She thinks it’s the police, but it’s Charlotte who asks if her papa is here. Anna lets her in and warns her it might be a shock, as they had a break-in. She says Valentin went to hotel security, and she asks about Dante and Sam. Charlotte says they are out, and she took a ride share.

Charlotte visits Anna GH


In Olivia’s office, Nina and Valentin are stunned by what they see on the security footage. She asks what he’s going to do. He doesn’t know but needs to handle this. Suddenly Anna calls him and says Charlotte is here and wants to see Valentin. Valentin asks Nina not to show this to anyone else.

Val and Nina gh

“Eddie” and Olivia soon arrive, and Olivia asks Nina why she’s in her office. Nina says she was thinking about changing the day of their wedding and was looking for her wedding planner. Olivia hands it to her and asks her to lock up when she leaves.

Valentin arrives at Anna’s suite and asks what his daughter is doing here. Charlotte explains she wanted to see him and didn’t realize he’d be busy. Soon the officers arrive responding to Anna’s call. They look around and say she can file a complaint and start an investigation, but this looks like a case of malicious intent seeing nothing was stolen. Anna asks them to pursue the proper channels, and one officer asks if this could be related to the arson at her house. She says perhaps.

Anna officer GH

The officers leave, and Valentin asks Charlotte to call the front desk and have them move them to another suite. As Charlotte does, Anna tells Valentine that she hates Charlotte had to see this, and asks if he got anything off the footage. He says the footage from this floor was missing. Anna doesn’t know why someone would go through all this trouble just to destroy her things and leave a message on the mirror. Charlotte pipes up that the front desk needs to talk to her papa. Anna says she can handle this and suggests Valentin take Charlotte home. He leaves with the girl and is clearly troubled.

Val sees Charlotte

Meanwhile, Nina watches the footage which shows Charlotte breaking into Anna’s suite and she says, “Charlotte, what have you done?”

Portia arrives at The Savoy, followed by “Eddie” and Olivia. As Marshall serves Portia, Olivia notes the club is a ghost town. “Eddie” says the last time he was here it was hoping.

Portia speaks to N’neka, who called her, and she tells her about Marshall and Ms. Wu having a face-off. She didn’t catch everything but overheard Marshall kicking her out and telling her to buy another club. N’neka assumes Ms. Wu wants to buy the club, and Selina is not someone to toy with. Portia agrees, but Marshall might not realize how dangerous she is.

Marshall speaks with “Eddie” about his new demo, and “Eddie” says his song isn’t finished and he’s waiting for his muse to inspire him again. Marshall offers his clarinet skills, and “Eddie” says he may take him up on that. Marshall gives him a challenge to finish the song and debut it here next week. “Eddie” notes it’s a little light in traffic tonight and asks if there will be more people here next week. Marshall says his son Curtis is the biggest promoter in town, so if he gives him something to promote, he’ll take care of everything. Marshall says he’ll send over some drinks for him and his date.

Eddie offer GH

Left alone, “Eddie” asks if Olivia thinks this is a date. She chuckles if it gets them free drinks then she doesn’t see why not. N’neka brings them drinks, and they toast to Marshall’s challenge.

Olivia and Eddie GH

Portia speaks to Marshall about Ms. Wu. Marshall says the club isn’t for sale, and he won’t let Selina take what Curtis built.


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