Bold and the Beautiful

There will be an unexpected wedding that you won’t believe next month !!!

There will be an unexpected wedding that you won’t believe next month !!!

We can see that Finn doesn’t like Thomas at all, even when Thomas has changed a lot and now he is a good man.

So what is the purpose of this, does Finn have any intention when he talked to Hope like that, it’s a concern here.

We believe that the show is setting up for a big shock that could change everything in town.

And this time, Finn and Hope will be put at the center of this storyline, maybe they will become a new couple.

Recently, Finn hugged Hope after she cried, and we believe that Finn isn’t loyal like we think, maybe he is also a waffler.

Although Finn always says that he loves Steffy and the kids and that he will bring them back, he doesn’t do anything to make it happen.

Now Finn is spending more time talking with Hope, he doesn’t know what to do to get rid of Sheila and bring back his family.

There could be a reason for it that Finn doesn’t say, because of the connection between Steffy and Liam.

Maybe Finn suspects something between his wife and her ex-husband, and he knows that this connection will never disappear.

So it pushed him to have some feelings for Hope because he worries that one day Steffy will reunite with Liam.

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