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The truth about Lauren & Finn’s connection will be revealed this week !!!

The truth about Lauren & Finn’s connection will be revealed this week !!!

We all know about some rumors on social media about Lauren and Finn’s connection, some people think that she is Finn’s real birth mother.

In the past, Lauren and Sheila had so much drama together, when Lauren gave birth, Sheila told her that her baby was dead.

Maybe Sheila lied about it, and the truth is Sheila stole Lauren’s baby and this baby is Finn, if it’s true, things could be interesting.

Right now, Lauren is in LA to visit the fashion showdown, so she could have a chance to meet Finn there.

If the show decides to give Finn a new birth mom, so that he could finally get rid of Sheila, this is the perfect chance to rewrite history.

So looks like Lauren will stay in LA for a while because she will be involved in some drama, one of which is about Finn and Sheila.

Meanwhile, Finn will also receive one more good news, which is the return of his wife Steffy, she will appear on screen again next week.

Even when Sheila is still around, but Steffy is ready to come home and fight for her marriage, but Liam will also be there.

Liam still keeps the secrets about him and Steffy kissing, and he may use this secret at some point to destroy Steffy and Finn’s marriage.

Spoilers say that many interesting twists and turns are waiting ahead for Finn, let’s wait and see how the storyline unfolds.

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