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Tammy Slaton’s Baby Gives Birth, Shares Nursing Video

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters cast member Tammy Slaton recently shared an adorable update of her baby having babies. So, what do we know about this latest update from the TLC celeb?

1000-LB Sisters: Tammy Slaton Recently Expanded The Family

1000-lb Sisters celeb Tammy Slaton recently shared an adorable update with her many social media followers. Tammy introduced her newest furry family member, a black cat she named Chocolate. Adding fur babies to the family is always a big event, and Tammy did that not too long ago.

If that were not enough, Tammy Slaton told her 1000-lb Sisters fans that her “baby” would soon be having babies of her own. Chocolate was pregnant with kittens. So, there would be a new litter coming soon. In a very short time, Tammy added to her family by a lot, and her TLC fans love to see it.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton/Facebook

TLC Celeb Shares Adorable Baby Update

Based on the latest 1000-lb Sisters updates from Tammy Slaton, it didn’t take long for Chocolate to welcome her kittens. Tammy shared a major update online with all the new arrivals, including all the new kittens nursing on their momma. It’s cuteness overload as Chocolate takes care of her babies.

The lovely little fur balls are all cuddled up to Chocolate, as Tammy Slaton had many sweet moments to film and share with her 1000-lb Sisters fans. Tammy didn’t say what she eventually intends to do with all of the kittens, but for now, they all seem happy, healthy, and comfortable with their momma cat taking care of her babies.


1000-LB Sisters Fans React To Sweet News

With everything Tammy Slaton currently has going on in her life, she certainly has a lot to be proud of. Tammy has been keeping up with her weight loss goals. With every new update, she seems to be thinner than the last. 1000-lb Sisters fans are proud of Tammy for sticking to her weight loss goals and far exceeding them.

Tammy Slaton has a new lease on life these days. It used to be that Tammy could barely take care of herself, and she had to rely on others to do things for her or to take her where she needed to go. These days, not only is she able to take good care of herself, but, she is now able to take care of her new family member and her kittens.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton
1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton/YouTube
  • One 1000-lb Sisters fan said: “Black cats are the best! Mine is named Willow.”
  • Another TLC commenter added: “They’re beautiful! Are you keeping them all? I have a black cat myself. They are the best.”
  • A third defended Tammy against all the comments about spaying, saying: “Sooo I’m clearly missing something. Why are ppl upset that Tammy’s cat gave birth to kittens and she adopted the mother cat knowing it was pregnant. I feel she did a good deed for mom and babies.”

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