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Sister Wives: Robyn Humiliates Co-Wives with Kody Tribute? (PHOTO)

Sister Wives star Kody Brown has only Robyn Brown left, but he once had four wives who did nothing but praise him as a husband and father on the TLC series. So, if you are a veteran viewer of the reality show, you likely remember this.

When Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown gazed at their shared husband, it was often with a look of admiration on their faces. But these women no longer gush over Kody.

This goes for Robyn Brown too. The fans suggest that Robyn’s once adoring stare at Kody Brown seems replaced today with facial grimaces over his behavior.

Sister Wives:  First Order of the Day… Making Kody Brown Happy

If any of Kody Brown’s brides harbored major complaints about their shared husband, they never let it be known during the earlier seasons. They often did things together to show the man of the house, or man of four houses, how much they adored him.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

The Sister Wives patriarch is very proud of his surname. So it seemed the ladies he married found a way to honor the Brown family name in each of their homes.

Whether it was wooden letters spelling out B-R-O-W-N on a wall, or a plague displaying the origin of the family name, they proudly displayed “Brown” in different ways.

But there was one time when these Sister Wives ladies decided to honor Kody that turned out rather embarrassing.

Paint the Town Brown for Kody…

This embarrassing incident came while this Sister Wives family was still new to TV and out to display unity to the world. So, one of these scenes came from the event where the family took on wife number four, Robyn Brown.

Robyn picked out the design and color for the other wives’ dresses. So, the other three ladies wore these ensembles as part of her wedding event. She had them line up like bridesmaids.

Then, when the wedding ceremony finished, Robyn changed into the same color dress, to show unity in family photos.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown - Brown Clothes
Sister Wives | TLC

But it wasn’t unity the fans spotted. Instead, the dresses her co-wives wore got the fans’ attention for their unflattering qualities. Some Sister Wives fans thought it was one of the first atrocities Robyn Brown committed towards her co-wives.

So, fans suggested that Robyn’s co-wives’ dresses made them look “frumpy”. But not Robyn’s gown. She looked good for Kody, even in the shade of brown fans noted looked awful for attire.

Sister Wives: Brown Mess?

In keeping with the theme of Brown, Kody’s last name, the Sister Wives women wore these outfits. Remarks about how awful they looked saturated the comment sections in the online world.

So, for many Sister Wives fans, this became known as the day his ladies dressed to honor the name Brown but failed in their mission.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Wives Brown Dress Tribute
Sister Wives | Reddit

Robyn wore her wedding dress for the ceremony and then changed into a long dress, sporting the same color as their last name. The comments online suggested Robyn did something to make herself shine in Kody’s eyes, compared to the other Sister Wives.

The original three Sister Wives dresses were called “frumpy” and “not flattering”. Although fans pointed out that Kody’s new wife’s form-fitting dress with a print jacket wasn’t like the other dresses.

Because of the shade of brown, several comments suggested it was the same color as “s**t”. But it all fell back on Robyn for the fans.

The viewers thought she did this purposely, so the other wives would not take attention away from her when this TLC episode rolled out. That said, it’s easy to see that the problems with Robyn Brown and the other wives go way back in the TLC series.

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