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‘Sister Wives’ Christine Brown Shares MAJOR Change In Truely’s Health Amid Scary Medical Crisis 

Christine Brown shifted from gushing over the new love in her life to sharing a poignant story about her daughter, Truely Brown’s past victory over a scary health crisis, Tuesday night.   

Sister Wives

The Sister Wives star took to Instagram to post a photo of two stick figure drawings, one of a little girl attached to a dialysis machine in a hospital. The other portrayed the same girl back at home, preparing for a trip to Disneyland.

Sister Wives

Christine explained the meaning behind the sketches in the post’s caption.

The TLC star wrote — “When Truely was 3, her kidneys shut down and I spent 11 days in the hospital wondering if I would go home, with or without her.”

“I came across this picture today, and I remember drawing it for her one size is her at the hospital with tubes connected to a dialysis machine and the next one shows her healthy at home and going to Disneyland.”

Christine Brown added — “I told her soon as she was better and we got home, and she was healthy, we would go to Disneyland. That was the day she started to get better. So glad I kept these pictures to remind me of miracles.”

Sister Wives

The reality star used hashtags #blessed, #momlife, #miracles and #reminders to highlight her story. 

Longtime fans will remember that TLC documented the horrifying health crisis on Sister Wives. Lots of Christine’s followers flooded the comment section to share supportive messages as they recalled watching the upsetting ordeal unfold on the show.  

Sister Wives

Christine’s walk down memory lane came amid a new romance, her first since leaving her spiritual ex, Kody Brown. Christine’s new boyfriend, Utah construction executive, David Woolley, posted photos snapped with the TLC mom, over the weekend. 

Sister Wives

One snap featured the duo snuggled up together and another captured  Christine enjoying a cup of coffee alongside her cat. 

David captioned the post — “Your memory feels like home to me. So whenever my mind wanders, it always finds its way back to you.”

Fans have been cheering on the new romance since the couple went public with their relationship, on Valentine’s Day. Some followers have started adding warnings to their messages of support. 

one fan wrote — “Sir I hope you know that every woman in this country stands behind Christine. You better be good to her.”

Another person said — “She deserves to be happy. I don’t think she has ever known love and happiness in her own way.”

A fan advised — “Take care of her. Make her happy. Spoil her rotten. Make her dreams come true.”

Another viewer warned — “Dude, you realize that if you break her heart, you’ll have to live in a cave, right?”

In Season 16 of Sister Wives — Kody cited Truley’s hospitalization to justify his strict COVID-19 rules, such as wiping down mail with disinfecting wipes, changing clothes upon arriving home, and avoiding going out in public.

“I think Christine hates me partly because Truely almost died, and she thought that I had been negligent,” Kody explained on the TLC reality series. “I don’t want to have one of my children die and then me hate the people who weren’t doing the rules — and then end up in a divorce with whoever’s child died.”

Back in 2014, Truely Brown, who was just 3 years old, fell ill with the flu while Kody was taking care of her, while the other sister wives were away on a trip in San Francisco. When the wives returned to Las Vegas, where they were living at the time, they found that Truely’s condition had worsened.

Sister Wives

Christine Brown took her daughter to a hospital, where it was discovered that she was suffering from acute kidney failure and dehydration. Truely had to stay in the hospital for a total of 11 days.

Christine announced that she was leaving Kody and the Brown family in November 2021, after a 25 year spiritual marriage. The ex couple shares six children, Aspyn, 27; Mykelti, 26; Paedon, 24; Gwendlyn 21; Ysabel, 19; and Truely, 12.

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