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Shocking Revelation! Clyde Weston’s Son Is Back, And Its NOT Ben!

 Clyde Weston’s Son Is Back, And Its NOT Ben!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers - Clyde


What is DOOL if not dramatic and unbelievable. In fact, that is what makes it the soapiest of all soaps, assert many tales from Days of Our Lives spoilers. And now, a latest speculative twist can throw the whole of Salem in a spin! Clyde Weston in the wind, but spoilers tease he will turn up soon, and with a partner! What if it is his son! Read on to find more!

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Clyde Reunites With Evil Son

Currently, villain Clyde Weston is on the run and nowhere to be found. However, the latest serving of Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that he may soon turn up at the Horton Cabin. (While Johnny and Chanel are honeymooning there, of course!)

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Days of Our Lives spoilers - Johnny- Chanel
DOOL/ A disaster waiting to happen for Johnny and Chanel

Moreover, he won’t show up there all by his lonesome. Days of Our Lives spoilers hint that Clyde will arrive there with his partner. Now, sure, said partner could be his girlfriend officer Goldman. But where’s the drama in that? What if that person is his long lost or secret son?

In fact, we have the perfect candidate to be Clyde’s son. It is none other that Bobby Stein a.k.a. Everett Lynch! Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Everett’s hypnotherapy session is about to unlock the pandora’s box! The devious look on Everett/ Bobby’s face gave us a pressing feeling that his repressed alter-ego is every bit as sinister as Clyde Weston!

Days of Our Lives spoilers - Everett
DOOL/ Is Everett/ Bobby Clyde’s son?

What if the reason behind this similarity is genetics? Think about it! Ever since Everett arrived in Salem, he has been obsessively trying to interview Clyde with Chad. Now, Chad’s reasoning we understand. Why has Everett been so invested?

Maybe because the two of them have been a hiding a secret. The fact that they are father and son! With Marlena unlocking Everett’s memories, Bobby may recall all his evil agendas and fascinations. Thus, reuniting with his father to unleash hellfire in Salem once again.

Days of Our Lives spoilers- Clyde-Everett
DOOL/ A reunion no one saw coming!

What do you think? Are you ready to see this speculative twist play out on screen? Tell us in the comments.

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