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(SHOCKING) General Hospital Prediction: Josslyn & Dex Face New Threat – Jex Doomed?

General Hospital Prediction: Josslyn & Dex Face New Threat – Jex Doomed?

General Hospital: Josslyn Jacks Struggles with Mob Life

Currently, on GHJosslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) is struggling with the fact that her man, Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is Sonny Corinthos‘ (Maurice Benard) right-hand man. Of course, Joss will never look at Sonny the same way after he broke her mother, Carly Corinthos Spencer‘s (Laura Wright), heart.

She hates him for falling in love with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) and ripping their family apart. But, more than that, she’s terrified that Dex will end up dead working for Sonny. Or that he will land in prison for protecting him. Joss loves Dex and doesn’t want to lose him.

But he won’t leave the mob, which may become harder for Joss to handle on General Hospital. She knows first-hand what Carly went through with Sonny and with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) also. Furthermore, they’re facing a new challenge that could pull them further apart.

Evan Hofer Teases Dex and Josslyn's Future on General Hospital - Soaps In  Depth

Dex Heller Gets New Competition on GH

On top of the strain, the mob biz is putting on Josslyn’s relationship with Dex, her new study buddy, Adam (Joshua Benard), isn’t helping matters. Despite their rocky start,  they are now friends.

And clearly, he’s smitten with Joss. Plus, he’s pre-med like her, and he’s a good student with excellent grades. No doubt, he has a bright future ahead of him — and he has nothing to do with the crime world.

So, he may become tempting for Joss because he has way fewer complications than Dex. And as time goes on, she may find herself getting closer to him on General Hospital.

“Jex” at Risk on General Hospital?

Currently, “Jex” is going strong, but forces are working against them. Soon, Joss may decide she can’t handle dating a guy in the crime biz. And Adam may seem like the easier option.

Furthermore, Adam may take matters into his own hands and try to break “Jex” up. That way, he can have Josslyn to himself. Of course, it could eventually blow up in his face on General Hospital. But it still may end her romance with Dex.

Indeed, this looks like the start of some major drama for the happy couple. And their happiness may not last. GH is full of surprises. Keep watching to see if Dex Heller and Josslyn Jacks will stay together or fall apart on the ABC sudser.


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