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Ridge Drops a Bomb on Hope and Brooke — and RJ Clashes With Li

Ridge Drops a Bomb on Hope and Brooke — and RJ Clashes With Li

Brooke Hope B&B


At Forrester, Brooke gawps, “Hope! What are you talking about?!” Hope says it’s true, she saw it with her own eyes. Brooke grimaces, “Deacon and Sheila — they’re involved?!”

At Deacon’s place, he and Sheila make out on the couch. He stops kissing her and apologizes, “I just can’t help but wonder if I’ve lost my daughter by telling her about us.” Pacing, Deacon remarks that it’s only a matter of time before Brooke finds out about them. Sheila wonders if he’s concerned because he still has feelings for her. Deacon tells her that ship’s sailed, besides she has her Forrester back now. He doesn’t get why she does this to herself. Sheila grins about her being a masochist.

In the design office at Forrester, RJ and Luna kiss. She’s so glad there’s no more secrets between them. RJ assures her she doesn’t have to go through this alone anymore. He’s there for her and isn’t going to let Li drive her out of Forrester. “I don’t want to lose you.” As they work, RJ answers a message and then tells Luna not to be mad, but he texted someone he thinks they should talk to. Finn walks in and doesn’t recognize Luna until she tells him she’s his cousin. Overjoyed, Finn embraces her. He marvels, “It’s been years.” Luna would have liked to have seen him. He asks what she’s doing here. RJ says she’s the newest intern. Finn thinks that’s fantastic. RJ says his mom doesn’t think so, which is why he wanted to talk to him.
Luna Finn B&B

In the main office, Brooke thinks Hope must be mistaken, but she assures her she’s not. Brooke finds Deacon being with Sheila insane. She wonders why Ridge isn’t more shocked. He confesses, “I knew.” Hope and Brooke gawp at him. Hope asks, “How did you find out?” Brooke adds, “And more importantly, why didn’t you tell us?!”
Brooke Hope B&B

At Deacon’s, Sheila hopes he’s not having any regrets. He reminds her that he asked her to marry him. Sheila knows he’s concerned about losing Hope. Deacon will figure something out and thinks it will just take time. Sheila says she’s going to take a bath and urges him to come and join her so she can wash away some of his concern. They kiss and she exits. Deacon exhales.
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In the office, Brooke can’t believe that Ridge didn’t tell them about Deacon and Sheila. Ridge didn’t ask too many questions, he just wanted to put Sheila away and thought it was done. Brooke gathers he and Bill agreed to keep quiet as part of the deal. Hope says, “Maybe if you had told us when you found out we might have been able to prevent it from happening.” Brooke declares that this is horrible. Hope’s disappointed and sad, “Dad was just turning his entire life around, and now…” She asks Hope to go and try to make him see what a dangerous situation this is. Brooke tells her, “Yes. This ends today.” Ridge grunts that she’s not going over there alone. They head out together.
Brooke Hope B&B

In the design office, Luna tells Finn that his mom is the reason they haven’t seen each other. She doesn’t get along with her mom. Finn knew they weren’t that close. Luna can’t imagine the one-sided stories he’s heard. She complains that Li is hyper-protective of him and hasn’t allowed them to be a part of his life in L.A. RJ explains that when Li found out Luna was working there, she came down really hard on her. RJ wants her to stay and asks Finn if he could step up and help his cousin. He wants to go on record to say, “Luna’s not leaving Forrester Creations.”

Deacon’s stewing on his couch when Brooke hammers on the door. He lets her and Ridge in. Brooke asks, “Where is she?” and asks if he’s lost his mind. She rants that he’s made a good life for himself, “And now you want to throw it all away for some sociopath like Sheila Carter?!”
Deacon Ridge Brooke B&B

The bathroom door opens, and Sheila emerges in a bathrobe. Brooke sniffs, “Well, there she is.” She asks Deacon why he wants to be with a monster like this, “Do you know what she’s going to do to you? She’s going to take your status, she’s going to take your restaurant, she’s going to destroy your relationship with our daughter, and she isn’t going to think twice about it. Don’t let her cause anymore damage than she’s already done. Tell her to get lost and never come back!”
Deacon Sheila Ridge Brooke B&B

In the design office, RJ tells Finn that Luna had no idea he texted him. Luna recalls how she used to look up to him so much and they share a laugh. Finn is sorry they didn’t see each other because of their mothers and their issues. He promises to talk to Li and leaves. RJ asks Luna if she’s upset. She actually really appreciates it. “How did you know this was exactly what I needed?” RJ tells Luna that she needs to talk to Li as well, “And she’s on her way.”

RJ assures Luna they’ll handle this together. Li walks in and RJ tells her she knows that Luna is her niece and he just wants to say that he doesn’t understand why she is treating her so poorly and trying to dissuade her from working at Forrester. Li informs him it’s none of his business. RJ retorts, “Forrester Creations is my business. It’s my family’s business and I have been working with Luna for weeks now.” They all think Luna is wildly talented, “So Li, don’t tell Luna, our intern, that she’s not allowed to work there. She’s not going anywhere.” Li counters that this is a family matter and she’s made it crystal clear to Luna what she’s to do. “She’s written her letter of resignation?” Luna nods. Li declares, “She is leaving Forrester Creations today.”

In the main office, Thomas adjusts the beading on a gown that Hope is wearing. Talk turns to her father and Sheila. Hope is trying not to think about it given they have so much work to do. Thomas moves close and says he has missed spending more time with her, “I miss us.” She turns and he adjusts the neckline on the gown. Hope thinks about Finn saying she deserves better than Thomas and her mother echoing the sentiment. She turns back to Thomas, who says, “I lost you again.” Hope apologizes. Thomas tells her she never has to be sorry with him. He offers love and unconditional support. They start making out.

At Deacon’s place, he and Ridge bicker and the Forrester tells him he’s a bigger idiot than he thought. Deacon insists Sheila’s not a threat anymore. Ridge hollers that she’s been a threat to his family as long as he can remember, “Now magically she’s changed?!” Deacon sighs, “No, not magically, OK? But everybody deserves a chance at rehabilitation.” Brooke points out he’s grown and changed, that’s why she doesn’t understand any of this. “I am so, so proud of you, but this had got to end. You have to tell Sheila to leave and do it today!!”
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