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Manuel Asks Ashley For Money | 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? | TLC…See details in comments

Ashley and Manuel’s issues have been never-ending. They were the least expected 90 Day Fiance pair to make it to the altar. The former has been skeptical of her partner’s intentions since the start. Ashley was upset when the Ecuador star kept his love life a secret from his family. He wasn’t ready to tell his mom and kids about his relationship. Moreover, the reality TV star kept his visit to the US a secret from his family for a long time.

Later, Ashley confronted her partner for sending money to his family. Despite all this, they married at the end of Season 10. But they were doubtful if their marriage would work as they never had the spark or chemistry. Ashley and Manuel are showcasing their marital issues in the latest season. Recently, the former made it clear that she won’t be paying for her husband’s family.

90 Day Family: Ashley Gives A Reality Check To Manuel!

90 Day Fiance stars Ashley and Manuel had the most problematic journey in Season 10. After the wedding, they were the most unexpected couple to feature in the Happily Ever After spinoff. Ashley and Manuel have had huge money issues since the beginning. Recently, Ashley reminded her husband not to use her as a bank.

The franchise revealed a new clip of Ashley and Manuel butting heads for their issues with money. In it, the latter was telling his wife to stop spending unnecessary money. He said, “All I want is responsibility regarding money, regarding my family, getting a house, and getting everything we want.” The reality TV star felt that he needed to think more about their future than their individual selves.

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Manuel went ahead to give an example of a family about his brother who needed money. Sadly, he wasn’t able to save money at home and accused his wife of her unessential expenses. The TLC star felt that his wife had been unnecessarily spending money rather than saving for his family’s needs. He gave an example of his brother, who needed money. Ashley finally asked how much money his brother wanted as she already sent him $1000.

Manuel revealed that his brother needed $300 but denied revealing the reason. Later, he told the cameras that sending money to his family in Ecuador was part of the deal when he married Ashley. Moreover, Ashley decided to put her husband in his place. She was confused about why the family needed more money when she had already given them $1000. Further, she snapped, “I’m your family, not your bank.”

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90 Day Fiance: Fans Want Ashley To Dump Manuel For His Weird Behavior!

90 Day Fiance fans are following the latest marriage dynamics in Manuel and Ashley’s life. The Ecuador-based star has been living in America with the latter. But he wanted his wife to take care of his family’s financial needs along with his. The TLC star’s audacity to order his wife for his family’s needs didn’t sit well with the audience. Several fans shared their reactions to his behavior in the comment section.

90 Day Fiance

One fan said, “Manual is way too entitled, telling her where she should spend her money on.” They couldn’t understand why his family was more important than his wife for him. Moreover, a different fan added, “DIVORCE- return him back to his girlfriend and baby mama!!!.” Further, the others wanted Ashley to show some self-respect and leave him.

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