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Liam wants to be the third person standing in the way of Steffy and Finn!

Liam wants to be the third person standing in the way of Steffy and Finn!

Friday, November 10, 2023: Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam makes a stunning request of Ridge before paying Steffy a visit, and Li finds Poppy at Forrester and makes a demand.

Liam Steffy B&B

At the cliff house, Steffy thanks Taylor for all the support she’s given her. Taylor would do it again in a heartbeat. She admits Ridge is worried about her and the kids, “How safe can L.A. be with Sheila Carter running around.” Steffy knows her parents are concerned. She goes on about how much she missed Finn. Taylor knows she did, but wants to address the elephant in the room. She knows Liam has expressed his feeling to her. “Real talk here — where does it stand with your marriage right now?”

At Spencer, Ridge has told Liam that Steffy punched Sheila in the face. He exclaims, “Damn.” He understands the sentiment but it’s risky to confront her. Ridge would have stopped her if he’d known she was going into the lion’s den. Liam resents that Sheila is permanently part of Steffy’s life now because of Finn.
Liam B&B

Ridge tells Liam that he’s just happy that Steffy and the kids are back. Liam says, “Same.” Everything feels off when she’s gone, “I realize how much I need her in my life.”

In his office, Finn tells Li he never wants to be away from his family that long every again. Li warns him not to give an inch to Sheila or he’ll lose Steffy, “This time, for good.” Finn nods. He changes the subject to Luna and can’t understand why Li is taking such a hard line with her. He understands her rift with Poppy, but why is she taking it out on her daughter? Li insists she’s not punishing Luna. Finn points out she told her to leave her internship. “Luna isn’t her mother, this doesn’t make any sense.” Li is protecting the life he’s made here in L.A. with Steffy. Finn doesn’t see why his cousin can’t be part of it. Li cringes, “Because there’s something off about this! Suddenly, she’s working at Forrester Creations and I’m supposed to think it’s a coincidence?” Her sister played her for a fool once and she won’t again.

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In the design office, Luna receives a surprise visit from her mother, who says she’s been so worried about her. Poppy explains that Li has been texting her asking her to get her to leave Forrester Creations. She’s sure she’ll ruin things for Finn. Luna thinks everything will be fine, but Poppy warns it’s Li they’re talking about… it may not be fine.
Luna Poppy B&B

At Spencer, Liam feels for Finn somewhat given that he didn’t choose to have Sheila as a mother, but she did and that’s the situation they’re dealing with. She’s obsessed with having a relationship with her son and Steffy’s standing in the way. Ridge asks, “So, what’s the answer them?” Liam tells Ridge he won’t like it, “We have to convince Steffy to leave Finn.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy gushes to Taylor about her “very romantic” homecoming with Finn, who is completely committed to their marriage. Taylor’s glad to hear that. She thinks the world of him despite his birth mother. She has another question. Sheilla may never pay for her crimes and she’ll always have this obsession with Finn, “How do you feel about everything now, knowing that being with Finn means having the threat of Sheila looming over you and the kids?”
Taylor Steffy B&B

At Spencer, Liam tells Ridge it’s an undeniable fact that as long as Steffy’s with Finn she and the kids are in danger. Ridge thinks that’s why Steffy went over to see Sheila. Liam argues that Sheila’s not going to just do what Steffy says. Sheila will not let go of her obsession with Finn and the more Steffy resists, the more she becomes the enemy, and the more she becomes the enemy, the more she’s at risk. “There’s one way out, Ridge. And that’s to leave Finn for good.” Ridge asks him if he thinks he or anyone else could tell Steffy what to do. Liam tells Ridge that he comes the closest and has every right to an opinion. Ridge says it will be her decision. Liam hopes that she’ll make the decision to leave Finn, “And frankly, I hope she makes the decision to come back to me while she’s at it.”

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At the cliff house, Steffy tells Taylor she understands the threat of Sheila better than anyone. She still remembers the gun pointing at her. If she stays with Finn, she’ll have to accept that Sheila is always out there in the shadows… but she’ll never be let in. She can live with that. Taylor believes in the love that they have for each other, “He’s proven that he’s devoted to you and only you,” she cringes, “Why does Sheila have to be his birth mother?!”

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At Forrester, Luna tells her mother she’s not cowering to Aunt Li, “I’m staying here.” She urges Poppy to stand up for herself as well. She asks how long she’ll be in town. Poppy’s not sure but will definitely see her again. They hug and Poppy says, “I love you, Baby. I just want my beautiful daughter to be happy.” Luna leaves to take care of some work and Li appears, finding Poppy in the office, “What are you doing here, Penelope?!” Poppy asks her to please stop calling her that. Li seethes that it’s the name their parents gave her. “What are you doing here at Forrester Creations?” Poppy says she came to see her daughter — she’s so proud of her. Li hisses that Finn’s wife is the co-CEO, “The last thing I need is you and your daughter messing things up for Finn.” Poppy argues Luna would never do that. “You should be proud of your niece.” Li is appalled. She recaps that she tried to be good to her but she paid for it. “You and your daughter will not interfere in my life any longer. More importantly, Finn’s life. I want Luna out of here today. Do you hear me, Penelope? Today!”
Poppy Li B&B

At the cliff house, Steffy answers the door to Liam, who tells her that seeing her is the best part of his day. She beams.
Liam Steffy B&B

In his office, Finn flashes to his homecoming with Steffy and smiles.

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At the cliff house, Steffy invites Liam in and he says he has Kelly’s doll. They talk about how much their daughter missed Liam. He says he’s still concerned about her and recaps that Sheila is on the loose and involved with Deacon. Steffy tells him he doesn’t have to worry, “I paid Sheila a visit and put her in her place.” Liam says her dad told him, but questions the wisdom of confronting her. He also fears her living with Finn who is a magnet for Sheila. She isn’t safe with him and never will be. Liam reminds her she left him once and could do it again. He could keep her safe and happy, “Think about coming back to safety and sanity. To me.”

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