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Kody Says Son Gabe Is ‘Gaslighting’ Him (Exclusive)

Kody Says Son Gabe Is ‘Gaslighting’ Him (Exclusive)

Kody and 21-year-old Gabriel butt heads over the RV.

The RV is bringing up more issues for Kody Brown and his

and Janelle’s 21-year-old son, Gabriel.

In a clip from Sunday’s episode, Kody’s wife, Meri, begins by speaking in a side interview about “property stuff” that the family needs to take care of. Meri takes the focus away from property and admits “there’s a lot of family stuff that needs to be worked out,” before anything is handled in that regard.

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Following that interview, a clip of Kody and Gabriel in Janelle’s RV plays. As the two men try to fix the home, Gabe tells his father he is the only one who knows how to fix it, to which his father responds, “We have to know how to fix it.”

Kody takes his frustrations about the situation to a side interview.

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“Gabriel doesn’t know anything about this RV,” he says. “He hasn’t read the manual, he hasn’t driven it, he hasn’t leveled it before, and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Gabriel, on the other hand, has other ideas about his issues with his father. “Me and my dad, we don’t talk as much as we used to,” he says in a side interview. “Ever since we, like, talked about COVID and stuff and I voiced how I did not appreciate how he was handling it, tension has been really high.”

In the middle of his interview, the scene of Gabriel, his brother and their father having an intense conversation about their COVID protocols plays. This season has found Kody butting heads with Gabriel and his other older children about his decision to implement COVID-19 protocols with his family. In the past, Gabriel and the other children accused him of favoring his younger wife, Robyn, during the pandemic.

“It just seems like he’s tired of putting effort into maintaining something with me,” Gabriel says. “I don’t really understand what I did wrong.”

Kody shares his thoughts in a separate side interview. “The whole issue here with me and Gabriel isn’t that Gabriel doesn’t know what’s going on,” he says. “Gabriel knew what the rules were, he was gaslighting me I feel like.”

Kody’s life has been feeling a little bit crowded since Janelle decided to move into the RV. During last week’s episode, Kody expressed how living there would bring problems with his other wives, Meri and Robyn, and soon-to-be ex, Christine.

“In plural marriage, if you’re not around a lot for a wife, she takes it personally,” Kody said. “In this case, Janelle has a tiny, little kitchen and a tiny, little house and a tiny, little bathroom, and if I’m not around, she will start to feel like she’s marginalized. But she made choices that are major inconveniences to me and to my lifestyle because she wanted this RV, so now there’s an inclination for me to go, ‘Oh, there’s hot water at Robyn’s house, why am I going to sit here with you and suffer with your choices?’”

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