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Jen Lilley Says Goodbye To Days Of Our Lives After 10 Years (& We’re Touched By Her Farewell)

Jen Lilley Says Goodbye To Days Of Our Lives After 10 Years (& We’re Touched By Her Farewell)

Days of Our Lives' Jen Lilley smiling

“Days of Our Lives” fans were shocked when actress Jen Lilley dropped the bombshell news that not only was she being unceremoniously let go smack dab in the middle of her four-week return but that her character Theresa Donovan would continue on with a recast. The soap star was also shocked, but took the news in stride while acknowledging the uncouth nature of the situation, telling Soaps on August 28 that she felt it could have been handled better. The news of her firing broke shortly after it was reported that former co-executive producer Albert Alarr — the one who fired her — was himself let go for alleged harassment on the set.

Lilley posted a heartfelt goodbye to the show on Instagram on September 19. “Last week of me exploring this girl’s shenanigans on screen,” she wrote. Lilley further paid tribute to her character, writing, “Playing Jeanne Theresa Donovan off and on for the last 10 years has taught me so much about empathy and grace. I have enjoyed every moment of her hilarious sass and ferocity, layered with brokenness.” Making her heartfelt goodbye even more bittersweet is the fact that she just recently celebrated 10 years on “Days” on July 3.

But her gratitude didn’t stop at what the character meant to her.

To many fans, Jen Lilley is the only Theresa Donovan

Days of Our Lives' Theresa Donovan smiling

Jen Lilley’s Instagram post saying bon voyage to her “Days of Our Lives” character Theresea Donovan included several screenshots of Theresa interacting with other characters. Her caption continued with, “To the cast and crew at @dayspeacock, I love you forever. You’re my family. And to the best fans a girl could ask or hope for: remember there is no pit so deep you could ever find yourself in where God’s love cannot find you still. You are never beyond redemption. You are called by grace and marked with love. Thank you for supporting me on this decade-long journey.” The fans were overcome with grief over her exit, many of whom could not even imagine another person playing the part, as one lovingly wrote, “Seriously, when thinking of Theresa Donovan, you are the only one I can think of playing her!!”

Lilley’s followers continued their praise by being glad for her brief return, but then wishing her well in her next endeavors. “It was so wonderful to see you back in Days!” responded one avid fan, who continued with, “Like a family reunion seeing y’all all together! Wish you all the best with life & will continue to follow your posts. I’m disappointed that Days is replacing you.” Many echoed the sentiment that Lilley’s portrayal of Theresa is the definitive version of the character.

One response exemplified the fan love, stating, “We will miss you. There is only one Theresa.”



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