90 Day Fiancé

Jasmine’s new boyfriend cheated on her

There is no denying that Jasmine Pineda, Angela Deem, and Big Ed are TLC producers’ favorites. They receive special treatment, participate in multiple spin-off shows, and get more screen time than their fellow cast members in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

Being the producer’s pet has its perks; however, these three cast members have the same problem: they are all miserable. Their reality TV stardom turned them into self-absorbed figures, hindering their ability to form genuine relationships amidst personal turmoil.

Jasmine Pineda is a fitness enthusiast and gym regular. She met 37-year-old Matt Branis at her gym in Michigan and decided to hire him as her personal trainer. The two quickly developed a friendship that turned into a romantic relationship. When Gino found out about them, he kicked Jasmine out of his home in Michigan. Since then, Jasmine has been living with Matt.

What goes around comes around, and Jasmine’s recent Instagram stories suggest that her new boyfriend, Branis, cheated on her. Additionally, it’s worth noting that Matt works as a fitness trainer only because he didn’t succeed as an actor. By dating Jasmine, he hoped to be on reality TV with her in the next season of 90 Day: The Single Life, which could give him the 15 minutes of fame he needs to have a better shot in Hollywood.

In her recent Instagram stories, Jasmine made a general statement, claiming that men tend to date women they can have rather than the women they truly desire. She added that once these men obtain what they want from a woman and advance in life, they will leave and cheat without any concern for their partner’s feelings. Jasmine concluded her Instagram stories with the caption, “Ladies, know the difference between a nice guy and a good man.”

Due to her NDA, Jasmine cannot address people by their names because doing so would jeopardize her chances of appearing on a future spin-off show. Karma has a way of coming around. Just as Jasmine used and cheated on Gino, her new boyfriend did the same to her.

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