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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Dex’s Paternity Revealed as Jason Returns to Port Charles With a Surprise for Joss and Sonny

Rumors are swirling in the world of ‘General Hospital’ as fans speculate about an upcoming storyline involving Dex and Jason. As Steve Burton gears up to make his return to the show on March 4th, there is buzz that he may not be coming back alone – could he be joined by Dex, his long-lost son?

The possibility of Dex being Jason’s son has fans on the edge of their seats, wondering how this revelation will play out. Dex, who has shown a remarkable admiration for Sonny, may have a surprising connection to Jason, the man with a killer instinct who has always protected Sonny at all costs.

It is speculated that Dex may have thought an abusive man was his father, only to discover that his true paternity lies with Jason. Perhaps Dex’s mother had an affair with Jason years ago, resulting in Dex’s birth. This shocking revelation could shake up Sonny and Joss, leading to a major bombshell in Port Charles.

As the story unfolds, viewers eagerly anticipate the emotional reactions from all parties involved. Could Dex bring out a new side of Jason that fans have never seen before? Will Sonny eventually soften towards Dex and welcome him back into his inner circle?

Stay tuned to ‘General Hospital’ for the latest updates on this intriguing storyline. Join the conversation in the comments below and keep up with all the soap opera and entertainment news by visiting again soon.

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