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General Hospital Spoilers: Curtis Suspects Jason’s Involvement in Metro Court Shooting, Shares Theory with Laura

Buckle up, General Hospital fans, because the drama in Port Charles is about to kick into high gear! The latest spoilers tease a whirlwind of emotions, from suspicions and determination to outright shock. It’s the kind of week that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and wondering what twist is coming next.

Chase and Brook Lynn Face Difficult Decision as Gregory’s ALS Worsens

Let’s start with the heartbreaking stuff, shall we? Poor Harrison Chase and Brook Lynn Quartermaine are facing a tough decision as they watch Chase’s dad, Gregory, battle the ever-worsening symptoms of ALS. It’s like a punch to the gut, seeing Gregory struggle to speak and move like he used to. Chase is reeling, wondering if they should postpone the wedding they’ve been planning for so long. After all, Gregory was supposed to officiate, and they pushed up the date just so he could be there. But now? It’s anyone’s guess if he’ll be able to do it.

Curtis Suspects Jason’s Involvement in Metro Court Pool Shooting

Meanwhile, over at the hospital, Curtis Ashford is playing detective, and he’s got a hunch that’s going to rattle some cages. He’s talking to Laura Collins, spilling his guts about his suspicions surrounding the Metro Court pool shooting. You know, the one where he caught a bullet that wasn’t meant for him? Yeah, that one. Curtis is starting to think that maybe, just maybe, Jason Morgan was the shooter, and that bullet that hit him was a ricochet. It’s a theory that’s going to ruffle some feathers, that’s for sure.

Carly Determined to Reach Jason, Despite Jagger’s Efforts to Stop Her

Speaking of Jason, Carly Spencer is on a mission to get to him, come hell or high water. But there’s a roadblock in her way, and his name is John “Jagger” Cates. Jagger’s trying to stop her, telling her she can’t just barge in on Jason like that. But he clearly doesn’t know who he’s dealing with. Carly’s not the type to back down, especially when it comes to protecting the people she loves. She’ll move mountains to get to Jason, even if it means facing off with every cop in the PCPD.

Michael and Sonny Discuss Forgiveness in Heart-to-Heart Talk

And then there’s Michael Corinthos, catching up with dear old dad, Sonny. They’re having one of those heart-to-heart talks, the kind that makes you wonder if there’s any hope for forgiveness in this crazy world of ours. Sonny’s dropping some wisdom, saying anything’s possible, but Michael’s not so sure. Is he asking for himself, or for Jason? Maybe both? It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for sure: Michael’s one of the few people in Port Charles who still believes in Jason’s innocence.

Anna Stunned by Jason’s Evasive Behavior, Seeks Truth

Which brings us to Anna Devane, who’s absolutely floored by Jason’s behavior. She’s convinced there’s more to the story, that there has to be a reasonable explanation for what went down at the docks. But Jason? He’s not talking. He’s being evasive, dodging her questions like they’re bullets. It’s enough to drive Anna to the brink, and she’s practically begging him to come clean. If there’s any chance she can help him, he has to tell her the truth. But will he? Or will he keep his secrets locked up tighter than the PCPD’s holding cells?

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