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General Hospital Spoilers: Andrea Gates’ Evil Plan To Sell TJ & Molly’s Baby On The Black Market

Andrea Gates’ Evil Plan To Sell TJ & Molly’s Baby On The Black Market

General Hospital Spoilers: Andrea Gates’ Evil Plan To Sell TJ & Molly’s Baby On The Black Market

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal some shocking revelations on the horizon for TJ Ashford (Tajh Bellow) and Molly Lansing-Davis (Brooke Anne Smith). While her endometriosis diagnosis placed a massive snag in their baby-making dreams, going with plan B and using a surrogate has provided a nice alternative idea and things are seemingly going smoothly.

The couple met and clicked with Andrea Gates (Lily Anne Harrison), and the surrogate mom they’ve decided to move forward with seems too good to be true. Maybe that’s because she is.

GH spoilers indicate that Molly will get good news in the days ahead, which likely means the IVF treatment Andrea recently received stuck, and she’s probably pregnant with the couple’s child.

Ms. Lansing-Davis will likely be over the moon with excitement as she and TJ will be that much closer to being parents; however, is something awful looming for the couple around the corner?

Added GH teasers for the week of September 25th imply that Andrea may not be all that “meets the eye”.

As it stands now, viewers believe Gates to be the “perfect” candidate as a surrogate.

Gates has a husband and child of her own and, therefore knows all the ins and outs of pregnancy, but also likely won’t have an overly strong connection to TJ and Molly’s baby as she has a family of her own.

But what if this is all a rouse? This is the land of Port Charles, where anything can happen.

While TJ and Molly did go through a reputable organization, which likely does a background check on all surrogates before they meet couples,

if Gates is crafty enough “background checks” would mean nothing to her. Maybe Andrea is part of an underground organization that sells babies on the black market.

Gates’ goal would be to get pregnant with a child that is not connected to her by blood, whatsoever, so she could, in turn, run off, when the time was right, and sell TJ and Molly’s baby for money.

All the medical appointments are paid for by TJ and Molly, so there are no out-of-pocket expenses while being pregnant, and Andrea could be working on her own or working under a “boss” in order to pull this all off.

There is far more to Ms. Andrea Gates than she’s let on, and whatever she’s up to, is likely no good. But will she get away with it?

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