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General Hospital News: Haley Pullos Shows No Remorse In Latest Court Appearance

Big News: Haley Pullos Shows No Remorse In Latest Court Appearance

General Hospital news says that Haley Pullos has supposedly shown no remorse in her latest court appearance. As many fans know by now, the young actress got into a terrible car accident and almost killed the driver of the car that she hit when she was under the influence of alcohol back in April. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

General Hospital News: Haley Pullos Shows No Remorse In Latest Court Appearance

It was earlier reported that Hayley has been charged with one felony count of DUI that caused injury and one felony count for having a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher.

Well, according to the Daily Mail, it appears as though Haley has shown very little remorse towards her victim in her car crash. That’s because she was once again spotted wearing a very inappropriate outfit to court. The person who was hit in the other car, Courtney Wilder, has filed a lawsuit against the actress. It was reported back in May that Haley was driving on the wrong side on a freeway in Pasadena back on April 29th. When she swerved her car, she flew over the dividing barrier and into oncoming traffic.

General Hospital News: What’s Next For Haley?

It goes without saying that many General Hospital fans have had a lot to say about the matter. Some have even taken to social media to comment with, “It’s plain to see she doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the victim’s injuries. Her career is basically over. The only thing left she can do is OnlyFans,” along with, “Heels with an ankle brace. She must be looking for sympathy. It’s a bit ironic that her mother is dressed like she’s going out for drinks with the girls after court.

Another critic wrote, “Well at least this time she didn’t wear a flimsy party dress with visible panty line to court, so that’s an improvement. The wrap on her foot after all these months is just performative.”

Watch this space as we have a feeling there is going to be so much more to come. Tell us, what do you think of this story? Drop us a line in our comments section below with your thoughts. Also, don’t forget to come back right here for all the latest news and gossip about all of your favorite British royals, Hollywood actors, and reality television stars. We’ve got you covered.


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