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General Hospital Fans Are Divided Over Michael and Nina’s Newly Ignited War — Plus, So Long Mason?

Fans Are Divided Over Michael and Nina’s Newly Ignited War — Plus, So Long Mason?

Nina, Michael War - Austin Kills Dex GH

It was the week many have waited for on General Hospital, Michael put the screws on Nina! Cyrus made the rounds of Port Charles upsetting everyone, while nobody has yet to tell poor Ava that Nikolas is alive and well. Brook Lynn plans to reject Tracy’s gift, though she shouldn’t, and Cody was over the moon when Sasha revealed she was staying in town. Friday’s episode was pretty much a snooze fest, until the very end, which left us with a great cliffhanger.

Michael’s Calling the Shots… for Now!

As I suspected in my last two columns, Michael’s using Nina’s secret to keep her away from Willow and his family as best as he can. This storyline has a lot of fans divided. Some love seeing Nina squirm and think she deserves all she’s getting, though others rather have seen her fully exposed. Others are waiting for Nina to get the upper hand and learn the truth about Michael’s plan to use Dex to send Sonny to jail. And then there are those who just want the whole storyline to end because it’s gone on far too long. Be sure to weigh in on this debate and where you stand in the comments!

Nina upset GH

I definitely agree this story has dragged out too long at this point, but I also want to see Nina find out about Michael and Dex’s plan and level the playing field against Michael. Some viewers have suggested that Willow’s dreams of Harmony are actually about her warning Willow not to trust Michael. He’s once again keeping his actions a secret from his wife, so it does work. And though Harmony trying to warn Willow not to trust Nina makes more sense, she’s the last person who should be preaching about honesty and trust to anyone. Also, why in the world would Willow think Nina would want the bracelet of the woman who kidnapped her daughter as a gift, let alone want to wear it?

Even if Nina doesn’t find out that Michael planted Dex to take Sonny down, he’s eventually going to lose his leverage over Nina when Ned inevitably regains his memory. The first thing Ned is likely to do is blow the whistle on Nina. It will be interesting to see if Michael incurs any fallout for blackmailing Nina instead of exposing her and telling his mother it was Nina who blew the whistle on her.

Michael ezposes Nina GH

Probably the biggest reason I’m ready for the truth to come out and this story to end is because I’m tired of hearing Carly, Joss, Michael and others acting like the whistleblower did something far worse than Carly and Drew, and them constantly blaming this person for sending Drew to jail and almost getting him killed.

Shantay Sasha Stays, Now Sashay Away Blaze?

Even though most of us knew Sasha wasn’t going to be leaving Port Charles for Austin, for a split second I really thought she might go and be off-camera for a bit of time. Thankfully she didn’t, and I can’t wait to see what develops between her and Cody. They aren’t even a couple, yet I’m officially shipping them and think they could easily become my new favorite couple on the show.

Sasha and Cody GH

Sasha’s already suspecting she may be out as the face of Deception, though she doesn’t know Tracy of all people has her back, as does of course Maxie. However, Lucy and Maxie have a problem in that they asked Blaze to be the new face of Deception. Why not just have two faces? There has to be more than one division at Deception, or there could be, and that means different faces for different divisions and campaigns.

As I suspected last week when we learned Tracy was planning to give Deception to Brook Lynn, she wants nothing to do with Tracy or her stolen company. However, why has she not realized if she takes it, she could give it back to Lucy? Of course, knowing Tracy, she’ll probably make the transfer of ownership contingent on Brook Lynn not being able to do that somehow.

The Gatlin Gang Down a Member?

Cyrus took no time making his rounds apologizing to everyone who didn’t want to hear it, let alone see his shaved face. For once I actually enjoyed Portia when she stood up to Cyrus and told him off. However, all the applause goes to Tabyana Ali as Trina, who was phenomenal in delivering her tongue-lashing of Cyrus when he turned up at the gallery to see Ava. 

Trina furious GH ABC

Love him, hate him, or love to hate him, Cyrus has a big steel set of you-know-whats. His asking for Trina’s forgiveness, along with Portia’s was gutsy. Plus, I actually loved him telling Spencer, “Please call me uncle.” I can’t help but wonder if Spencer and Cyrus’ “relationship” is going to be an issue for Trina. Also, in the same episode that Cyrus told Trina he was in her debt (for what???) and if she ever needed anything to call him, Esme was confiding in Alexis that she has feelings for Spencer. Coincidence? I think not! Could Trina turn to Cyrus to help get rid of Esme?

Laura and Alexis discussed exactly what many viewers have wondered, is Cyrus’ redemption at the hands of God for real, or an act? For someone who claims he’s been changed by God, he sure didn’t appear that changed when he raged at Mason for disobeying his orders regarding Ava. Even Austin appeared frightened by what seemed to be the return of the old Cyrus.

Mason threatens to take Austin down GH

Friday’s episode really surprised me with that twist at the end. After TJ learned from his mom he basically had no case to bring against Mason for his kidnapping, and Mason told Austin he was going to take him down with him for Ava’s kidnapping, I really expected Mason to turn up dead and leave viewers wondering who did it. But in the last minutes of the show, TJ found Austin trying to smother his cousin. That’s one way to shut Mason up! Though if they’re going to have a murder mystery, Cyrus would actually be the one who would be the better candidate, but I can’t see the show wanting to lose Jeff Kober that way unless he wanted to depart the soap.

Final Thoughts

The scenes with Ava and Trina telling one another how much they mean to each other were just pure gold. I adore the friendship these two have.

It was great to see Obrecht finally back in town! Her scenes with Maxie and James were great, and I’m really hoping their talk of Halloween means we’ll get to see some festivities next week. Plus, I want to see whatever James’ costume is!

Obrecht surprises Maxie and James GH

Laura and Alexis discussing the fact that Nikolas likely wouldn’t be charged with anything when he comes back to town seems to be setting up his return nicely.

Finn and Liz running into one another all day in Thursday’s episode was a total snooze fest. And while they definitely needed some time away, because they haven’t even had sex, this trip would have been far more enjoyable as a viewer if they had brought Aiden and Violet with them. The kids make them way more tolerable to watch, and frankly less boring. These two make Michael and Willow look exciting! Friday’s show with them going tree-tapping for syrup was so over the top and straight out of a Hallmark movie. When Finn licked the syrup off Liz’s fingers I thought I was going to gag. I did however enjoy the vampire comments given Michael Easton’s former role on Port Charles.

So Adam was back, and it’s crystal clear he’s got a thing for Joss. Even though I’m no fan of Joss and Dex, I don’t see her giving up Dex for Adam.

Yuri has been back on our screens lately, and I’m all for it. I think his character is funny and adorable, and I like him and Terry together. But what exactly is his job? Is he the Quartermaine errand boy?

Yuri surprises Terry GH

Are we ever going to see Monica again?

Cody still seems intent on not telling Mac that he’s his son. I guess Mac is going to have to have an accident or illness and need a transfusion soon!

Those are all my thoughts for this week! As always join in the conversation and drop yours in the comments below.

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