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General Hospital Delighted Us With Halloween Fun and Costumes — But Left Us Wondering How ‘Vanna’ Will Survive *That* Friday Cliffhanger

General Hospital Delighted Us With Halloween Fun and Costumes — But Left Us Wondering How ‘Vanna’ Will Survive *That* Friday Cliffhanger

Halloween on GH

Well, it was Halloween this week on General Hospital, but even so, it was another slow week up until Friday, which left us with a big treat, a deadly trick, and yet another great cliffhanger before the weekend!

Those Costumes!

Last week I wrote that I hoped we would get some fun Halloween shenanigans, and General Hospital didn’t disappoint! So I know that ABC is a Disney property, but the Star Wars costumes were a bit much. I swear they’ve done them before. However, Willow did make a great Princess Leia. I liked Danny’s steampunk outfit, but I didn’t think kids were really into that. And yes that was a new actor playing Sam and Jason’s son. Georgie’s devil costume was cute, and of course, Trina and Spencer were as adorable as Little Red Riding Hood and the big bad wolf. James was cute modeling his costume after cowboy Cody, but why did he think his mom wouldn’t like it last week? In the end, the hands-down winner had to be Leo as Albert Einstien quizzing Lois on math equations.

Leo as Albert Einstein GH

Halloween Around Port Charles

Even if Carly pulled out all the stops for her Halloween party at Kelly’s, I don’t know many kids who would choose a party over trick-or-treating. Michael was keeping a close watch on Nina the entire evening, even seemingly pressuring her with his eyes to make an excuse as to why she couldn’t go with Willow and the kids on Sonny’s jet to Montreal, it almost appeared he was softening as he saw Wiley interacting with her, as well as Willow. Oh speaking of Wiley, the apple clearly doesn’t fall far from both trees, as he was being a little snot to James at the party. I was glad to see Willow set him straight and make him apologize to James.

Nina Wiley Halloween GH

Friday’s episode continued to have me wondering what is really going on in Michael’s head. As Willow told him about her latest dream and “Harmony’s” warnings, I couldn’t help but think it does sound like she could be warning Willow about Michael keeping one more thing from her. Even Michael thought about his argument with Nina when Willow told him about her dream, but was he wondering if “Harmony” is warning Willow about Nina, or himself? And as Willow waxed on about how great things have been with Nina, and Michael realized Willow wanted to go on another trip with her, it seemed as if Michael was again softening. Then again, he may just be worried that Willow and the kids will end up being burned by Nina in the end.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Cody surprised Sasha with Halloween decorations and candy to give out, and his surprise was adorable, just like the two of them together. I can’t wait to see where they go. Maxie dropping by to give Sasha the good news that she was remaining the Face of Deception was long overdue, and it was great to see Sasha just being happy for once. Dear writers, please no more suffering for Sasha! She’s suffered enough for ten lifetimes at this point. Just let her and Cody be happy, and let her be happy at work.

Sasha witch GH

Halloween must have warmed Tracy’s cold, witchy heart, as her talk with Brook Lynn about why she acquired Deception for her seemed heartfelt. She’s clearly worried about Brook Lynn not having anything to fall back on, but it appears Brook Lynn got through to her telling her that she made her feel like she was doomed to fail, and that she needs to be built up, not torn down. Of course, buttering Tracy up by saying she wanted to be strong like her was wise on Brook Lynn’s part. It actually seemed that Tracy really heard Brook Lynn, but time will tell. It would be nice for once to see the family getting along, especially with pizza day, I mean Thanksgiving, coming soon.

“Eddie” had a memory of celebrating his wedding with Lois on top of the Brooklynn Bridge, which means it won’t be long until everything comes back to him, including what Nina did. In the end, no matter what Michael has chosen to do, and even if he is softening towards Nina, it looks like the truth will come out… unless he can stop Ned first with some kind of ELQ offer.

Eddie has a memory GH

Wicked Little Charlotte and Troubled Adam

The problem children were in the house this week! First, there was Adam, who viewers immediately noticed was fixated on Joss. Not only could he be a stalker in the making, but there seems to be even deeper trouble under the surface. He’s feeling insane pressure to be the perfect student from his parents, and it doesn’t look like he’s been sleeping much. When he was torturing himself over his exam grade it appeared he was either having head pains or perhaps self-harming himself by pulling out his hair. Given the actor is Maurice Benard’s son, I could see them using him for some kind of mental illness awareness storyline. Unfortunately, many viewers don’t appear to be invested in Adam, who was just dropped back in our laps after not seeing him for some time.

Adam scares Joss GH

Then there is the bad seed Charlotte, with whom I’m still having a lot of issues with over her sudden dislike of Anna due to one letter from Victor. There needs to be a lot more that happened we haven’t learned about to make this make sense. I was glad that on Friday Laura mentioned that she was away for a year, so who knows what Victor did to her in that boarding school. Though it still doesn’t line up with how Charlotte acted toward Victor after she was brought home. As I’ve said before, she knows her father didn’t like Victor, and she knows the danger Victor put all of them including keeping her from her “papa,” so why is she believing in him now? Perhaps there are subliminal messages in the tarot cards he left her?

Anna proved herself a pretty poor agent, well ex-agent, once again seeing she let a teenager pickpocket her keys without knowing! I loved Kevin’s assessment of Charlotte as basically a father-obsessed master manipulator. He might have well said she was a borderline sociopath at this point.

Anna shoots Charlotte GH

Friday left us with a great cliffhanger as Charlotte, in a hermit costume, broke into Anna’s place only to be shot by her. Will she die? I can’t see them killing off Charlotte, because that would also be the end of ‘Vanna.’ Though honestly, how does ‘Vanna’ recover from this? One thing is for sure, if Valentin had been honest with Anna about Charlotte’s issues, this never would have happened. Then again, this is a soap, so they need to fan the flames. This likely will only fuel Charlotte’s hate for Anna in the end.

The Redemption Tour, and Island for Sale

Cyrus continued making the rounds trying to make amends with people, but nobody was buying what he was selling. Laura finally set some ground rules with him, trying to give him a chance to show her that he’s changed, but still doesn’t fully trust him. As she and Martin discussed, he’s not a weak old man, he’s sharper than ever, and seems to be lying in wait to strike. Carly said much of the same, accusing him of trying to find a way to exploit peoples’ vulnerabilities. Likewise, nobody seems to be believing he gave all his money away. Cyrus is for sure up to something, and for this storyline to take off, it needs to be more than just his jealousy of Sonny and Laura’s relationship. At the same time, is it odd I want Cyrus’ attempts to make amends to be genuine on some level? I could do without the Old Testament hellfire and damnation preaching though.

Ava wants to believe Austin GH

We found out that TJ stopped Austin from killing Mason, which wasn’t much of a surprise, so we are still stuck with that toe fungus for the time being. Ava finally learned Nikolas was alive, the moment I’d been waiting for for some time now. But when Laura told Sonny the same news, he seemed to not bat an eye. Hello, he just went through all this drama with Ava over Nikolas’ supposed death at her hands!?!? Are we to assume Ava told him before Laura did?

Not long after the Nikolas bomb, Lucy let Ava know there was a buyer for Spoon Island through a holding LLC. Many are hoping it’s Nikolas who has bought the island back, and that this is another clue he’ll be returning soon. Sadly, this also happened the week we learned the heartbreaking news that Tyler Christopher had passed away. So many fans were hopeful that one day he’d return as Nikolas.

That’s all I have for this week, and as always, these are simply my opinions. Join the conversation below by leaving your own thoughts!


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