General Hospital

General Hospital! Dante is back, but tensions rise between Sonny and Jason. Valentin’s mysterious alliance hints at a deeper conspiracy. What’s the real story behind Dante’s shooting?

In the latest General Hospital spoilers for Friday, March 29, 2024, things are heating up in Port Charles. Dante is finally awake and talking, much to the relief of Sam. As Dante asks for Anna, it’s clear he’s eager to catch up on everything that has been going on.

Meanwhile, Valentin is seen meeting with a mysterious individual, hinting at a possible agreement between them. Could this person be Brennan? The plot thickens as Valentin and Brennan seem to be working together, possibly related to Pikeman. Is Valentin more involved in this mystery than we originally thought?

Back at the hospital, Olivia rushes to tell Rocco and Danny that Dante is awake, prompting a family reunion at his bedside. Liz also shares a heartfelt moment with Danny, expressing how lucky they are to have certain people in their lives – is she referring to Dante or Jason?

Over at Sonny’s, Carly grapples with the complexities of their past while questioning Jason’s role in Dante’s shooting. And as a recently freed Jason reunites with Sonny, tensions run high as Sonny demands answers. “Can you tell me why I should believe you?” he asks.

With so much drama and intrigue unfolding in Port Charles, it’s clear that nothing is ever simple in the world of General Hospital. Join us on our Facebook groups for more soap spoilers, gossip, and dedicated fans who share your passion for daytime drama.

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