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General Hospital Comings And Goings: Jackson Montgomery RETURNS

Jackson Montgomery RETURNS

For the longest time now, a certain mystery had been surrounding Deception on General Hospital. Tracy Quartermaine had been showing steadfast interest in the internal matters of the company. She had even forcefully recruited Brook Lynn to steal information for her. However, she never revealed the reason why she was doing what she was doing. Now, in an unexpected turn of events, Lucy, Maxie and Brook Lynn have found out that Deception is being sued!

The latest spoilers tease that the upcoming dramatic legal track will also bring Jackson Montgomery back to General Hospital! Regular viewers know that actor Walt Wiley recently brought back the ever so famous Jack to GH in an exciting crossover! The dynamic actor flawlessly played the role of the attorney for decades on the now cancelled soap, All My Children. Interestingly, his GH appearance was supposed to be only a off time stint. But his appearance on the ABC soap was met with such fan-fare that the makers decided to a take two on it!

We seriously hope that Jack stays in General Hospital’s Port Charles for a longer time. Walt Wiley is a phenomenal actor and his charm is infectious! Moreover, he adds so much weight and flavor to the story! The last time we saw him on GH, he was still in Pine Valley. Lucy and Felecia had visited him there hoping to find some evidence of what Martin had been hiding from the former. However, unfortunately, they met no success in their snooping. After all, Jack Montgomery is no novice! He sensed what the two ladies were up to and swiftly had them arrested!

Who Is Suing Deception On General Hospital?

Now, the latest spoilers tease that Jack and Lucy will once again come face-to-face on General Hospital. Deception is facing a lawsuit over charges of stealing intellectual property for their Deceptor. Jack Montgomery will meet Lucy as the opposing counsel when Deception appears in court. However, the identity of Jack’s client has not been revealed. In the previous episode, Lucy and Maxie mentioned that who ever is suing them is listed only as an LLC. We wonder who that could be.

GH/ Who could have hired Jack as opposing Counsel to Deception?

As of now, everything points at Tracy! But she could just be a red herring! So stay tuned, to TV Season & Spoilers for more General Hospital updates on Jack’s client!


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