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General Hospital: Blast From The Past Shakes Up Joss and Dex’s Romance

Blast From The Past Shakes Up Joss and Dex’s Romance

General Hospital is legit on a roll with spicing up the storyline by roping in exciting comebacks and crossovers. Thankfully for the soap, most of these additions are working in favor of them and becoming huge hits with the fanbase. With fans getting rather vocal on social media, asking the makers to make these additions permanent. The latest name to join the list is Joshua Benard as Adam! The last time as Joss’ classmate was back in 2022. But he’s back now, and we wonder what storm he brings with him. Moreover for whom! Perhaps some trouble in Joss and Dex’s paradise? Dive right in to find out!

Joss Meets Adam On General Hospital

Alright! So first thing first, Yes! Joshua Benard is General Hospital star Maurice Benard’s real life son! Now, coming to the tale at hand, when we saw Adam as Joss’ classmate back in the day, he sort of ridiculed Joss over the leaked tape. He passed some lewd comments at her. However, he soon realized his mistakes. In an eager attempt to fix it, he apologized to Joss and asked for forgiveness. Thankfully, she chose to be the bigger person and forgave him.

When Joss and Adam’s orbits had collided back then it did feel for a hot second there that there could be more to them on General Hospital. But she was quite steady with Cameron back then and Adam just faded into oblivion without any explanation or trace. However, that is all set to change now! In the September 14, 2023, episode, we saw Joss and Adam cross paths again. Just as Joss was settling down in her dorm, Adam arrived and filled her in that he too, is moving in just down the hall from her. He even exchanged an acquaintance with Dex. Before leaving Joss and Dex alone, Adam offers her to join a study group that he putting together and Dex seconds that! Whoops! Did we just sense some trouble?

Adam and Joss Come Closer, Is It The End Of Joss and Dex?

Just because Joss and Dex are going steady, does not mean they are bulletproof on General Hospital. She was quite solid with Cam too, and we all know what happened there! Although we’ll admit that when Joss and Dex came together, it was kind of exciting. Mainly because their chemistry was through the roof! Especially, in their steamy love-making scenes. But then, even after months of being together, that is all that they are doing. Go at it like bunnies! There honestly is nothing to their relationship than sex and well, talking about Sonny!

Thus, we can’t help but wonder what will happen when a rather charming Adam is added to that equation on General Hospital! Joss already has an open invitation from him to join his study group. Which Dex too suggested that she joins. Thus, we can assume that in the upcoming episodes, Joss and Adam will be spending quite some time together! And the way soap operas work, we can totally see where this is going! A love triangle between Joss, Adam and Dex! And if you ask us, Joss and Adam totally aced the chemistry test in their scenes together!

So are you excited for some trouble in love-land? Tell us in the comments.


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