Bold and the Beautiful

Finn and Luna discover Li’s criminal past, Poppy is the victim !!!

Finn and Luna discover Li’s criminal past, Poppy is the victim !!!

Spoilers say that Luna and RJ will become a new couple in town, and it’s only a matter of time before they land in bed together.

But looks like Luna needs to fix her problems with Li first, before thinking about a new life in LA.

Li is very furious with Luna’s appearance in LA, especially when she is working at Forrester Creations.

Li warns Luna to stay away from the Forresters and threatens about the consequences, but Luna doesn’t listen to her aunt.

Luna is trying to move forward with RJ, and with the help of Finn, they will team up to fight back Li Finnegan.

Right now, we only know that Poppy, Luna’s mother made a terrible mistake and that’s why Li hates them so much.

But something doesn’t sound right here, why Luna needs to pay the price for her mother’s mistake, and why she needs to stay away from the Forrester.

Spoilers say that Finn and Luna will grow suspicious about Li’s words, and they will dig deep to find out the truth.

Maybe Li is keeping a deep secret behind those words, and she is good like what we know about her.

Spoilers say that Luna and Finn will be shocked when they find out Li’s criminal past, so let’s wait and see what will happen.

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