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Days of Our Lives: Jen Lilley Spills The Beans About Alex & Theresa’s Romantic Tryst

Jen Lilley Spills The Beans About Alex & Theresa’s Romantic Tryst

Ever since news broke out that Jen Lilley was returning to Days of Our Lives as Theresa, fans began hoping for her reunion with Brady. Perhaps that is what Theresa had in mind too. Unfortunately, Brady had other thoughts. When Theresa landed at his doorstep and offered a reconciliation, Brady wasn’t receptive. Maybe in his head, he is still hoping to get back together with Chloe. Does that mean the door is forever shut on the possibility of Tate’s parents reuniting? Let’s find out!

In the recent issue of Soap Opera Digest, Jen Lilley confirmed that Theresa is now eyeing to move on with Alex Kiriakis. Although she still believes that Brady is the love of her life. So, there is a possibility that her initial intention of flirting with Alex is to make Brady jealous. So there could be a lot of fun moments to watch out for between the three of them. Moreover, “the fact that Alex is a member of the Kiriakis family only sweetens the deal further.” She points.

“What’s not appealing about Alex?” Jen rightfully states. He is very good looking, has a lot of money and has a job on Days of Our Lives. Moreover, above everything else he is interested. He definitely check off all the boxes on Theresa’s eligible bachelor’s list. In fact, even Stephanie has given her the green signal to pursue Alex. Initially, when Theresa found out that he and Stephanie used to be a thing. She stepped aside. After all, she is big on family loyalty.

Days of Our Lives: “There’s Definitely An Attraction” – Jen Lilley

But now that Theresa has received the green light from her cousin, she is ready to shift her focus from Brady to Alex on Days of Our Lives. Jen gushes that Theresa is very excited to be back in Salem. Especially now that she has her “eyes on the prize.” What makes it more interesting is that Alex is equally receptive of her interest. He is open, transparent and is not playing games with her. So there is a lot of potential between Theresa and Alex. However, there’s still the matter of Brady being in the back of her mind. Oh and also the fact that he really might get jealous and consider trying to win her back!

Are you exciting for the budding love traingle between Alex, Theresa and Brady? Tell us in the comments.

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