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Bold & Beautiful Preview: Ridge Is Dropped Into a No-Win Situation With No Way Out

Bold & Beautiful Preview: Ridge Is Dropped Into a No-Win Situation With No Way Out

B&B's Eric and Ridge facing off mashup

Sometimes, it’s not easy to do the right thing — especially when you aren’t entirely sure what that is! That’s the dilemma facing The Bold and the Beautiful’s Ridge right now after the big fashion showdown ended with two things becoming very clear to him. He won the show. And his father, Eric, is dying.

Right now, only a handful of people know the second truth and only Ridge and Carter know the first. The question now is, what will Ridge do? Is the right thing to swallow his pride and tell his dad that he won? Because it’s become abundantly clear that Eric’s sudden mortality is the reason he’s been so desperate to win and prove that even at the end, he still has it. He can go out in style (kind of literally) and die feeling good that he’s still valid.

Carter Ridge B&B

That’s true, of course, whether or not he wins, but now Ridge understands why Eric was so desperate to take the victory. He can prove his love by granting his dad his wish, even if he didn’t technically win. Or… is that the wrong thing to do?

Would Eric really want to be coddled and lied to, especially at the end? And what if the truth ends up getting out somehow before he dies? That could blow up his and Ridge’s relationship without them ever getting the chance to patch it up. And couldn’t it also be a good thing for Ridge to win and reassure his father that the company’s in the right hands after he’s gone?

Yeah, doing the right thing is never easy. And we wouldn’t wish to be in Ridge’s shoes for anything right now. Thinking clearly when faced with a loved one’s death is painfully difficult under the best of circumstances. But we don’t have nearly as much of a personal stake in this decision as Ridge does, and we aren’t even sure what the right thing is!

Does Ridge actually have what it takes to carry on after Eric’s gone? Decide for yourself with our photo gallery of his history below.

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