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Bold and the Beautiful: Eric’s Bloody Handkerchief Goes Too Far

Eric’s Bloody Handkerchief Goes Too Far

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester (John McCook)

Bold and the Beautiful has Eric Forrester in a health crisis but if you listen to him, it’s more of a crisis if he doesn’t create the winning clothing line on the CBS soap.

At first, it was the shaking of his hands. But B&B recently upped the ante for the Forrester matriarch with a bloody handkerchief every time he coughs. His doctor says this is serious, but Eric has other things on his mind.

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester More Concerned About a Pencil

Eric Forrester (John McCook) had a meltdown over not being able to hold a pencil to sketch. The trembling of his hands seems to be his main concern.

But the man is hacking up a lung. He completes this picture by flashing a handkerchief saturated with blood. Still, he pushed that symptom to the side like it’s not happening on Bold and the Beautiful this week.

Bold and the Beautiful: Eric Forrester (John McCook)

It seems that Eric makes a dangerous situation even more dangerous by keeping this hidden. He not only hid his coughing up blood from Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) but from his doctor as well.

Bold and the Beautiful has Eric’s doctor offering no diagnosis, just suggesting that he needs more tests done. This seems a bit odd as his symptoms just took a huge turn for the worst with the blood now showing up. Still, the doctor leaves and says he’ll be in touch.

B&B Spoilers: Donna Logan Swings Eric’s Bloody Handkerchief Around

Donna Logan had no idea as Eric hid it from her for a few weeks. But she came in while he was coughing on Bold and the Beautiful this week. Then she caught sight of the all-white handkerchief, which now is splattered bright red.

So, she grabs it and asks Eric Forrester about this. This leaves her stuck with a bloody handkerchief as she delivers the next scene. And then she finally throws it on the table.

So, now the viewers have seen a blood-soaked handkerchief several times. With even a couple of close-ups thrown in to make sure it is not missed.

Flashing the bloody handkerchief is growing old, and the fans would like to see this come together instead of the wishy-washy way it’s handled so far.

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: The Last Hurrah?

Eric Forrester seems to have a premonition that his new line is his last, so he’ll make it his legacy on top of that. He seems to know the end is near, but he doesn’t want anyone else to know.

Donna could not possibly keep this to herself any longer now that the bloody handkerchief appeared to her. Sure, RJ Forrester (Joshua Hoffman) knows that his grandfather is sick, and he wants to tell his father.


But his grandfather made him promise not to. This is the same promise Donna made as well. While this sounds very noble, it might be if his reason was different. Like he didn’t want to worry his son.

But it seems the only reason Eric doesn’t want Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) to know is because of the competition between the two. He doesn’t want a sympathetic win, which would likely happen if Ridge finds out.

B&B Spoilers: Fans Want Eric’s Storyline to Make Sense

So, Bold and the Beautiful continues to wave that bloody handkerchief around to remind viewers how sick the Forrester patriarch really is today. Despite the doctor saying it is very serious, there’s not an inkling of a diagnosis offered.

Instead of checking Eric into the hospital to do immediate tests, the doctor says he will be in touch. Bold and the Beautiful fans want the soap to pull this together a little more than it has been since this storyline started.

While the family members should know about this without any more delay, and it looks like they will. B&B spoilers suggest the CBS soap plans to reveal Eric Forrester’s plight next week but only to a chosen few.

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