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Ava Takes Extreme Measures While Dealing With Gil — and Xander and Sarah Inch Toward a New Beginning

Ava Takes Extreme Measures While Dealing With Gil — and Xander and Sarah Inch Toward a New Beginning

Ava calls Harris, who is at the Pub. They plan to meet up later, after she missed a previous dinner due to work. She hangs up and answers the door to Gil. One of their lower-level dealers got busted. Now, they need the evidence to disappear. So, she needs to steal Harris’s key to the Salem P.D. evidence room.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander tells Sarah he’ll drop the custody case. It was unbearable when Victoria was taken from her. The last thing he wants is to take her away again. Sarah thought he’d use the kidnapping against her. He knows it wasn’t her fault. The only one to blame is who took their daughter.

Elsewhere in the mansion, Konstantin plants a kiss on Maggie, who pushes him away. He profusely apologizes and begs her to forget this ever happened.

From the Titan office doorway, Brady casts a disdainful glare at Theresa. With her back to him, she intently talks on the phone.

At Titan, Brady overhears Theresa leaving a message for Konstantin that no one can find out what she did. “What did you do now?” he asks. After stalling, she admits that she slept with Alex. After they discuss it, Brady wonders, if she doesn’t want anyone to know she slept with the boss, who was she talking to on the phone?

Rafe meets Harris at the Pub. He needs Salem’s newest detective to find out who murdered Li. He doesn’t believe for a second that Gabi did it. Since there’s tons of reasonable doubt, there’s no reason they can’t continue the investigation on the DL. “Oh yes there is,” Paulina exclaims, happening by with a carryout bag.

At the mansion, Xander tells Sarah he never believed she was an unfit mother. He was just angry she lied about the baby. But he understands why she did it. He’s done terrible things, but he can’t fix one bad decision by making another. Suing her for custody was never what he wanted. She asks what he really wants. “For the two of us to raise Victoria — together,” he says. “I want that too,” she responds, staring into his eyes.

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In the other room, Maggie assures Konstantin the kiss is already forgotten. Konstantin expresses outrage at himself for upsetting her and disgracing the memory of her husband. He must go back to Greece at once. Maggie doesn’t want him to leave. He says he’s worn out his welcome, flashing back to Sarah expressing doubt over his intentions. He leaves to pack.

At Titan, Theresa lies that she had to tell someone about Alex, so she confided in her cousin Stephanie. When Brady asks if she only slept with Alex that one time, Theresa flirtatiously asks if he’s jealous. Brady insists he’s not as Alex joins them.

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In the Kiriakis living room, Sarah tells Xander that she’s always known he’d be the most wonderful father. She was just upset over the things he’s done. After ribbing each other about being stubborn, Xander apologizes for letting things get this far. She’s sorry, too. She takes his hand, drawing closer to him.

At the Pub, Paulina yells at Rafe that an arrest has been made. If it gets out that the brother of the accused is investigating behind her back, it will look bad for them all. Rafe sincerely apologizes, but thinks she should understand. A member of his family was falsely accused, and he needs to fix this. “You need to check yourself,” she counters. She warns that if he doesn’t fall in line, she will hire a new commissioner, who will take orders. She doesn’t want to fire both Rafe and Harris when there’s a new drug cartel setting up shop in town. She needs them both to investigate.

At the Pub, Paulina points a stern finger at Rafe. Across the table from him, Harris awkwardly regards his boss.

At the apartment, Ava tells Gil she can’t involve Harris, who could figure out she took the key. Gil will just have to tell Clyde she refused him, then. Revealing his holstered gun, Gil muses that Clyde could be mellow about it or order him to pull the trigger on her son. He creepily steps in close, suggesting he could be persuaded to keep quiet if she does something for him in return.

In his room, Konstantin furiously packs, yelling at himself for ruining things by kissing Maggie. He suddenly stops, realizing his gamble could pay off.

Xander and Sarah lean in for a kiss. Their lips nearly touch.

Downstairs, Maggie’s presence interrupts Xander and Sarah’s near kiss. They tell her they are dropping the custody case. Maggie is thrilled. Sarah says they realized all that matters is that Victoria is home, thanks to Konstantin. He enters with his bags to say goodbye. Sarah admits she originally didn’t think it was a good idea he was staying through Christmas. But he really came through for them with Victoria. Asking him to stay is the least they can do. He accepts the invitation. With Victor gone, they are practically the only family he has. He leaves to unpack.

After Paulina leaves the Pub, Harris tells Rafe he will still pursue other suspects in Li’s death if Rafe wants him to. Rafe won’t let him jeopardize his job. He’ll keep his faith in Belle’s abilities as Gabi’s attorney. Harris heads off to investigate the drug cartel.

In the apartment, Gil aggressively grabs a resistant Ava. She calms down, trying to play nice, but cringes when he nuzzles her. Kissing her neck, he wraps his arms around her. Ava grabs his gun and pushes him off her. With tears in her eyes, she urges the “rapist” to test how much she wants to blow him away. He warns that if she shoots him, her son is dead.

Ava rigidly aims a gun at Gil at the apartment.

In Alex’s office, Brady gets a call from Justin, informing him he doesn’t need to testify against Xander. After hanging up, he tells Alex and Theresa about Victoria’s kidnapping. Alex is gobsmacked, while Theresa barely feigns surprise. Alex hopes when they find the guy who did it, they nail his ass to the wall. Theresa weakly nods in agreement.

When Maggie comes to Konstantin’s room, he asks if this is what she really wants. She assures him she’s delighted he’ll be staying.

Downstairs, Victoria stirs in her crib. Sarah lets Xander do the honors. He rushes to her bassinet to pick her up. “I’m your da,” he gently says. “And I’m so looking forward to getting to know you. But I already love you with all my heart.” He turns his emotional gaze to Sarah.

In the apartment, Gil creeps toward Ava, who threatens to shoot him. He doesn’t think she will. Harris comes to the door and hears a gunshot. He bursts in to find Gil lying on the kitchen table with blood oozing from his chest. Chest heaving, a stricken Ava keeps her gun trained on Gil’s lifeless body.

Sarah watches as Xander tenderly holds Victoria, bundled in a pink blanket.

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