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Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Shares False Information About Mama Ami, Leaves Fans Confused!

Bird Brown Shares False Information About Mama Ami, Leaves Fans Confused!

Alaskan Bush People has had an impact on its audience for years. Fans have seen the journey of Billy and Ami Brown living in the wild along with their kids. They love seeing the extraordinary life of the Brown family in the mountains. Ami Brown has gone quiet since the passing of her partner. Fans are eagerly waiting for the family to appear on TV again with a new season. Now it seems that the entire family is gearing up for the upcoming season. Bear Brown has already returned to his wolf pack. Also, he reunited with his mom. However, it appears that Birdie allegedly spread false information about her mama on social media. What did she say?

Alaskan Bush People: Bird Brown Confused Audience With A New Update Of Ami!

Ami Brown has received immense love from the Alaskan Bush People fans. However, she disappeared from the limelight a long time ago. Fans are also proud of her because she has been a cancer survivor. Hence, they like to know if the Alaskan Bush People star has done well. Earlier in March, Bear Brown announced that his mother would start using Instagram. Now it appears that another sibling Bird Brown is taking another step toward her mom’s success.

On August 19, the reality TV celeb informed her fans that Ami Brown will now use Tik Tok as well. She requested her fans to check out her mama’s account, “@amibrownwolfpackmamma.’’ Sadly, the link didn’t take the fans to her account and showed a 404 error. Further, fans saw a similar account with a single “m” in the username that worked.

According to Tvshowsace, Bird from Alaskan Bush People shared her mom Ami’s first video back in May last year. Bear Brown introduced his mother to the platform back then. Now fans are confused if it was an error or if she genuinely wanted to introduce her mom’s new account. However, fans can hardly wait to see and follow their favorite celebrity on the new social media space. Meanwhile, others complained about the matriarch joining the Chinese platform claiming that it was not safe.

Alaskan Bush People: Bear Brown Talks About The Big Plans With Mama Ami!

It’s been a long time since fans saw Ami on screens. Bear Brown is the only one sharing major details of the family these days. In fact, he has been setting up the ranch in the mountains to get back with his family. Recently, the Alaskan Bush People star shared a new video with his mama Ami. In it, they were seated across a bench in front of the mountain. Bear kept it casual as he went for a black t-shirt and blue jeans. Meanwhile, Ami Brown sported a short printed top for the conversation. Bear Brown claimed that he was talking about a big plan with Ami

. The video started, and the former asked his mom the first thing she wished to do after returning.


Ami added that she wanted to celebrate first with a big laugh. Later, they started discussing the issues they were having with the generator at their home. Bear was already struggling to make it work. But Ami pointed out that running ones nowadays were very expensive. Hence, they began planning to harness the wind to generate power or go for a solar plant. Want to know more about their plans?


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