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Adam Busby Thrashes His Daughters For A $500-$600 Loss! What Did They 


Over the years, Adam and Danielle Busby often get praise from the audience regarding what a great job they are doing raising their quints and pre-teen daughter. OutDaughtered fans often call them the cool cats as they seem to be the perfect amount of stern and fun with their little girls. But with highs, there are also lows. Adam Busby took to his Instagram handle to reveal he did something upsetting. Sadly, he kept emphasizing how he let his girls down.

OutDaughtered: Adam Busby Unleashes Fury On His Girls! What Did They Do?

Adam Busby has been quite active on his Instagram lately. He, along with all other OutDaughtered fans, is very excited about Season 9 premiering next month. While his social media space is all about wholesome moments with his family, he made a different post this time around. Adam revealed that he did something upsetting and let his girls down. Before providing any context, he kept saying he “blew it.” Then the star mentioned that the family has a big freezer in their garage where they store their meat, ice cream, and popsicles for the summer. He always tells his girls to close the freezer door behind them whenever they fetch treats for the summer.

It turns out that one of the girls forgot to shut the door all the way. Apparently, it happened on the same day when the Busby family went on a fun outing in a waterpark. After returning, Adam realized that the half-open freezer door led to a lot of meat going bad. So, he had to dispose of all of it in a giant plastic bag. The father of six stated that their freezer had food with $500-600 that went bad. So, he couldn’t contain himself and yelled at all the Busby girls. Adam also told them about the cameras they have around the garage and that the culprit will get caught. Well, the OutDaughtered dad was feeling bad about his aggressive behavior, so he made a post sharing this, as they are, after all, little kids.

OutDaughtered: Fans React To Adam’s Big “Blow Up,” Support Him!

Adam mentioned on his Instagram post that he didn’t mean for himself to be this aggressive with his girls. He explained that he would talk with them all in the morning. He didn’t mention Danielle’s reaction as she was taking a bath and wasn’t there during the yelling. Many Outdaughtered viewers told Adam that he did nothing wrong. He had the right to be upset at what had happened. In fact, they also didn’t want him to apologize to the girls and wanted the latter to reflect on their mistakes.


On the other hand, some fans were very supportive. They tried to uplift Adam by saying everyone has bad days. Some were supportive of him saying sorry to his daughters. They thought the father would be setting a good example by admitting that adults make mistakes, too. In any case, the fanbase tried their best to cheer Adam up, as things can get chaotic and messy in a household with so many kids.

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